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SOfi’s Load a deep, sad, tragic story about a Haitian girl who experienced child abuse!

Sofi's Load Author bookSofi’s Load Review by Tamarva Butler

Sofi’s Load is a tragic real life story of a 9 year old girl named Sofi. She was born in
Haiti and is often unappreciated in her family and physically abused for things she does
not do or things her sister does. Yet, her parents one desire is for her to be married, but
remain a virgin up until that time. Through her journey, she experiences a truly sad incident
of being raped by Baron and thus leads her family out on a mission to get him imprisoned.
Time after time again, she would would move to new locations only to find that more
people reminded her of the rape she had experienced.

My view of Sofi’s Load:

Sofi’s Load was the type of novel that catches people’s attention. It’s powerful and
moving. IT makes you want to get up out of your seat and do something to help
Sofi. It got me so involved I was angry at the abuse that Sofi experienced, especially
being so young. The writer of the book, Fania Simon, is so passionate in her words.
The story is oceans deep. If you ever want to take a journey, the adventure is in
this book. As I read, I can visualize the situation in my head. It was the first novel
I have ever completely finished. I recommend this book to all people. It is choice,
first rate, and many people will love it. It is the type of book to get an abundant
amount of attention. She does more than just present a story. She takes you
there like a plane ready for take off and she lands you at the exact right spot.
Everything is well organized. From the beginning, she does not waste any time.
Her talent is rich indeed. Her work evokes much respect and applause. She is
a true leader and what all writers have to look up to.


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