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First African American Figure Skating Couple Jazzes it up on Ice!

Well I have seen so many skaters from other countries, china,france, wherever.
Now that I see a Black figure skating couple, I’ve seen a MAJOR chang!. I wish there were more African American figure skating couples. Yet, since I found one
particular duo, I will type their names in the stars.

The couple, Vanessa James and Yannick Bonheur of France took on
a series of Olympic skaters.

And how they met?
This couple joined together via internet.

Bonheur states specifically “I
didn’t search for a black girl in the
first place, just a girl who wanted to try and work for it.”

But yes, coincidences happen people!

James, now 22, was born in Canada
but competed in British on solo grounds. She earned her French
citizenship last year. She mentioned
that her performance with Bonheur at
the Winter Games showed her that the
bridge for Black figure skaters has swung open.

Bonheur reports ” We hope that in the future we can win many medals and have a black coach and officials in pairs skating.”

This couple came in at the 14th place. Their collection of high-flying jumps as
well as the high risk lifts have drawn
them major attention in the crowds
at the Pacific Coliseum.

Other Black Olympic skaters went into
competitions solo. You may have heard of Debit Thomas, from AMerica who won a bronze medal at the Calgary
games in 1988. Also, Surya Bonaly of
France may be familiar because she
competed in 3 Olympics in the 1990s.

But yes, to hear such news is like a dream come true.I have little mini clips in my head visualizing myself doing figure skating.But yes, that connects to the fact that I always knew something
was missing in the figure skating world.I see alot of my black people roller skating at the rinks, especially in
Detroit, Michigan. Yet, I always wondered why I barely see any Black figure skating couples.I feel like
I’ve stumbled upon great treasure.
The treasure is golden!


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