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Black Designer Tracy Reese Creates Fashion Trends For All to See!

Black Designers Create Fashion Trends for the World to See

"dress/ object" (front view)

We know our black African people have been creating the most
luxurious of things, baskets, clothes, whatever can be sewn
and much more. Ofcourse it’s brilliant for someone to wear
something well. It’s our naturally juicy lips, our hips, and
our shape that puts the outfits to the best use.

There are so many white fashion runways. I’m just grateful
to see more Black people on the runway. If there was a
petition I could start for more black models on the runway,
you bet I would.

But did you know this?

African Americans by ourselves spent $27 billion on apparel in
2008 says Target Market News. And WOW! I can understand
the need to shop. I like to treat myself to the best selection
of clothes while I’m on campus. And well, that’s anywhere.
Nothing like a shopping spree to turn a boring upside down
day into a happy day.

Last year though, Americans bought $326 billion worth of clothing
and footwear. Now, more and more I began to love shoes. It
started off as a clothes fetish, then lingerie fetish, now it’s a
clothes,lingerie, and shoes fetish.

Like many areas, us black people are not getting enough
acknowledgement in the areas that need to be on
full broadcast. It should be seen like the clouds, put
at the top in full view.

For example, Tracy Reese is one of the fashion’s most
successful black female designers. The first lady has
helped to advertise this black woman but modeling
her clothes. Michelle Obama wore the Air Force One
in a Tracy Reese blue and white dress and she chose
a $395 Reese dress to display on the cover of People

They call Reese’s style “unabashedly girly.
She has a namesake label and her talent branches off
like the trees. She has went from clothing to shoes to
nail polish and hosiery.

She started off young knowing she wanted to create
beautiful things. That just goes to show “The best
things start off as a vision that turns into reality.” by
me charismaallover.

Tracy Reese says ” I was influenced by the femininity
of women like my grandmother. After growing up in
Detroit, I moved to New York to attend Parsons School
of Design. Once I received my degree, I decided to
move to Paris where I apprenticed under designer Martine Sitbon while
working for a small contemporary firm, Arlequin.
A few years later, I returned to New York and
started working for Perry Ellis as the design
director for Women’s Portfolio.”

In her early 20s, Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman,
and Ann Taylor sold her clothes in their department Her
company’s sales has went over $12 miillion by the year
2003. Still, though, she is very detailed in every aspect
of her clothes, all the way to the stitching. Mrs. Reese
says “While I have a wonderful team to assist, I continue
to build my b rand with my own hands.

And isn’t that the best way? Nothing like making your own.
You get your money, you made it happen, and you
get the pride on the inside and outside.

The question was brought up: Was dressing the First Lady
the height of her career? She says “Not really. While seeing
my gress on First Lady Michelle Obama was one of the
proudest moments of my career, I still design for the everyday
woman. I design because I want women to feel good in
what they wear and help to solve their wardrobe problems.

I say, why don’t she go and help some of those
singers every now and then who have wardrobe problems?
And people, have you seen her work in stores? Have you
bought anything of hers?


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