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What determines curly or straight hair? This I’ve always wondered!!

MAC MakeUp

I have two types of hair. I have fine hair in the back and
really think and kinky hair at the top. My dad brings in the
fine hair and mom brings in the kinky hair.

So recently I’ve wondered what determines curly
hair or straight hair. An Australian group of scientists found
that trichohyalin tells whether your hair is straight or curly.

So for those who leave dna at a crime scene, they
will know their hair type.

Technology is so superb, they can even tell a baby’s
hair type before they are even before.

And digg this, they can possibly develop medications
that change hair texture without the use of perms
of straighteners. That sounds really interesting
but then if I ever see a medicine that changes
hair textures I would seriously investigate it
for health reasons. But anyways, I’m fine
with the hair texture God gave me.

I would hope this work for other people’s sake without
any side effects. I would hope this would be healthier.

I mean, who else wonders what determines straight and
curly hair? I know I’m not the only one…

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