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If you haven’t Heard of the Black Matrix, discover how it is the mass manipulation of Black people because of secret white racist!!!

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Have you not heard of the Willie letter?
How it is use to put black people against
each other men vs women, light vs. brown ?
If not, you need to catch up. For those
who know, something similar is still going on.
It’s been going on for the longest time.

It’s important to understand the
sick mind we are dealing with. So in order
to understand lunatics, we must outsmart
them, go around them, undo
their sick sad work!

When we watch the news, read the
newspaper or even listen to the radio
they are trying to present their racist
notions about us black people. It’s all
in fun and jealousy!The more they
worry about us, that just goes to
show you how brilliant we are!

I see the black race as the most
charismatic, beautiful, sexy, intelligent,
great warm personality,best physical
features, best cooking, best style,
best models, best genes, youngest
looking, the most class, just so
doggone good at everything!

Yet, the government wants to make sure
they are always in control. This is
why they try to separate us black people.
Back in the day it was segregation amongs
white and black.

Now it’s kinda like they want us to segregate
amongst ourselves. Even
though that has been going on in the past,
it is really the defining moment
now. THey want you to respect
them, whites! Yet, not we, the
people, in our own race!–a-real-life-black-matrix.html


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