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The fastest man in the world title was given to a Black man…..Usain Bolt!


Instead of taking a bike or a car,this man decided to run
and he ran this race and took over!!!

A black man is the fastest man on earth. In the words of Alicia Keys
song Unbreakable,” Clap your hands everybody, um, clap your hands..
Well black people are known for doing the best in everything. This internet
could never be thorough enough to explain it…Charisma, talent, beauty,
soul, spirit, giving,intelligence, inventions, black people are the best
in all areas no matter how good others are in areas. They say everybody
has talent but black people take it to the extreme.

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt is the speediest man in the world. He has
won the men’s Olympic 100 meters with such power. He went
even further than his former record of 9.72 seconds. He finished
the race in only 9.69 seconds, which is a new world record
he has set. Some Trinidadian gentleman named Richard Thompson
got 2nd place and won silver medal. He finished the race in 9.89 seconds.

American Walter Dix went home with bronze medal for 9.91 seconds.
This gentleman from Jamaica is quoted as saying” I came here to prove
I’m the best. I could even be 9.60.” His name and his high level
of achieving in running has deemed him worthy of the media nickname
“Lightning Bolt”. And in the words of Muhammad Ali, Fly like a butterfly,
sting like a bee. We know how that applies to this man’s speedy race.

Puma is the sponsor company. After he won the 200 meters race in
World Junior Championships in Jamaica in 2002, Puma signed Bolt.
To advertise Bolt’s chances for 100 meters race in Summer Olympics
in Beijing, China, Puma has released a collection of videos showing
off Bolt’s world record setting run in the Reebok Grand Prix to his
preparations for the Olympics. Even during the Beijing 2008 100
meters final, Bolt display his golden Puma spikes that read
Beijing 100 meters Gold.

Oh yes people, I probably should have kept running. I did run a lot
when I was a kid. I never got into racing, but when I was a kid
mom said I was the fastest runner on my block. And doesn’t
running give people a rush? It’s great excercise, pumps
that heart, challenges you. What more could you want?


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