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singing used to be so classy…now it’s the new stripper!

All I hear about constantly is singers taking off their clothes,
showing all their mothers and fathers gave them. what happened
to those old groups that showed a little leg and some shoulders?
Is that how strippers get into the business? They really want to
sing but strip too. And the acts they do on stage, it's like
sex on stage. Sex tapes, why are they relevant? Why can't
a singer get money and extra based on talent? Why do
so many people do such wild things for money? Did ya'll
see what Nicki Minaj brought on stage one day? It's a male
part, a fake male part? do you hear the lyrics in today's
songs? Singers sing anything, do anything and then
sex around. IT's unbelievable, maybe I'm square but
if I was a singer I wouldn't show it all, just some and not
too much. I would keep my real hair even though it's
short and I would dress classy but attractive.

Is this a way to lure strippers out of the strip club? Why
not just be in the music industry? Strippers come on.
Sometimes they wear some clothing, other times the
clothes melt right off. The world is obssessed with
the physical. The things people do on stage, there
is just no shame.

They've just taken a stripper and glamourized them up.
Showing stripper sides and then singing side.
What is it more about? Singing or stripping?
What is about, wearing satan symbols or being
satan or his imps?


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