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Henry Box Brown- Black man mailed himself to freedom!

The Resurrection of Henry “Box” Brown at Philadelphia; L. Rosenthal; lithograph print; circa 1854

What’s thing some people would kill for? Freedom.
No one should be enslaved and the individuals who invented
slavery are ludicrious.

Henry Box Brown escaped slavery in Virginia with the assistance
of black and white people opposing slavery. This occured
in 1849.

The box was marked with words “this side up with care”. They
didn’t want him to be hurt because you know how ruff they
are with packages. Why not treat all packages with care?
That says professionalism to me.

Henry got him some water, some biscuits, a tool to make air holes,
hopped into the box. The man nailed the top down, and porters
took the box to the cars.

the conditions of the box were horrific. It was
tightly cramped and the book talks about the positions
Henry Box Brown was in.
Henry’s back and head were down. Imagine what it would be
like for a regular person, then a claustrophobic.

That’s just a little bit. Read the book and it talks about
how his family was sold off. It talks about how the master
wanted to pass him down to his son, like he was a
collectable. IT goes into detail on how he had to injure
himself to escape. It’s better detailed. And
what a way to get out of dodge! The book is a real treat
for those interested in Black History. Black History does not
have a certain time or certain place. It’s everyday.

Oh by the way, did you learn about him in your Black History
Class? Does your school have a black history major?
Mine does not and that just means we need to clean up
shop! Do your children know their history? Let me know
and thank you reading a piece of history!


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