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Frederick Douglass used papers of freed slave to escape slavery!

Frederick Douglass

And who does Frederick Douglass look like, all up in the face? Laurence Fishbourne!
He probably played Douglass in a movie or will in the future! Look out, now!

What’s the most precious thing in life? Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! That’s why Dr. King says “Free at last, free at last, thank God I’m
free at last”. There’s no amount of money to go to jail for.
Freedom and peace and interlinked. Well, don’t most if not all aggree.
Frederick Douglass was a black man, very clever and daring! Bold
and persistent.

At age 18, he went off to Baltimore where he learned how
to caulk ships. He did all the work in the local shipywards
and all of his money went to his master.

And he wasn’t planning on being a slave forever. Our BLACK
race had to be like brick, strong tough and durable.

See, what he did was borrow the identity papers of a freed

Back in the day, free black people had to have free papers.
Ofcourse, they had to be refreshed. They even charged a
fee for this writing so the state could have money
rolling in.

The name, age, color, height and form of the freeman
were given in details, as well as scars or other

So the escaped slave could use another person’s identity
card and mail it back to the owner.

And you know, he had to dress the part.
Douglass was dressed as a sailor. He arranged with
Isaac Rolls to bring his bags to the Philadelphia
train. He didn’t want to go in person to buy
the ticket so he could avoid an arrest.

Then the conductor came to the car full of black
peoples. He collected tickets and
examined the papers of his black passengers.
This was one of the flipped coin moments.
He could either be found out or slide on by.

He had a paper with the American eagle on it.
So, can we all agree that the American eagle
is an important symbol to the freedom of
Black people? It was representing the freedom
of Douglass, a black man.

The conductor did a quick glance at his paper.
He was still in Maryland, and could have
been arrested despite the conductor not
carefully inspecting his freedom paper.

Next stop-Delaware! This was another slave state.
The borderlines in between slavery and freedom
were typically the most risque for fugitives.

He arrived in New York, what most people call
the BIG APPLE. WHen he got there, he just
wore clothes of a laborer. He asked if
he could bring and put away coal. The lady
gave him two silver half-dollars. Finally,
he got his own EARNED money. No master,
to swoop in and make profits off him!
A free man!

You gotta do what you gotta do to be free!
I’m happy his way worked.
Yet,SOME people say that black
people are lazy. IF white people go back into
history and see what we did while they
sat back, and woof down food and watch
our people work, they couldn’t argue!
They’d be going in circles. Still today,
though black people are achieving.
BUt yes all people should know that
black people are NOT lazy, but for
those who DON”T know we simply
can’t argue with a FOOL.


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