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Black couple disguise themself to boost their way to freedom, with biracial woman disguising herself to be a white man and the black man pretending to be her servant

The Black Slave
Black couple escapes slavery

Ellen and William Craft was like any other escaped slaves I
read about so Far. Instead of enduring the harshest conditions,
they actually experiencedThe luxury while on their mission to
escape. Mr. and Mrs. Craft traveled Amongst the first class
trains, ate with the steamboat captain, and Lounged around the
best hotels. This was all during their escape to

You asked how did they do it? Black people are known for
being clever, Superintelligent human beings. We have a history
of it. Ellen, just so Happen to have a fair complexion,
pretended to be a white cotton planter
Traveling with her slave William. Yet, Ellen insisted on closing the curtains
On her race, gender, and social status on this brief trip to freedom.
They even wrote a book called “Thousand Miles for Freedom, inviting you
To take a look at their journey to freedom.

William was just 16 when his master put him up for sale. That was too young,
But slavery shouldn’t exist anyway. My motto is “Stop treating people like
Product.” William was a skilled cabinetmaker, who saw his 14 year old
Sister being sold off. Ellen was often seen as white member of the family
Because she was biracial. You know how some bi-racial people turn out so
Yellow toned and others shades lighter. Well, she just turned out to be on
The lighter lighter shade of the spectrum.

Also, Ellen had to use props to disguise herself as a man, because it is
Not typical of women to travel with male servants. And to make it even easier
For these people to leave, it worked in their favor that they got Christmas time
Passes to leave without raising great suspicion. William, was actually allowed to
Keep some of his money.
William, Ellen’s hubby, cut her hair to neck length. She just put her
Right arm in a sling, which gave her an excuse of why she shouldn’t have
To sign a registry or other papers. This story is similar to Henry Box
Brown and how he pretended to be injured to escape to freedom.
The couple could not read or write. Ellen got William to wrap her face
With bandages around the majority of her face so she would only have
Limited interaction with strangers. Her get up- Men’s trousers, green
Spectacles, and a top hat.
Ellen bought the tickets to Savannah, an area about 200
Miles away. William took his seat in the negro car. He saw the owner
Of the cabinetmaking shop. The man questioned the ticket seller,
Then the man was looking through the windows of the cars.
William panicked, turned his face from the window and shrank
In his seat. The man searched the car Ellen was sitting in, but
Didn’t give any grief to the bandaged person. He was going to
Go to William’s car, but the bell clanged and the train lurched off.

Ellen observed her seat mate was her master’s friend. This was
A dinner guest Ellen had known for many years. She thought he
Had been sent to capture her, but he said “It is a very fine morning
Sir” and she was calmed. She didn’t want to talk to him much,
So she pretended to be deaf.


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