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Black History Museum doing a great service to preserveAfrican American fashions!

African Headdress (Photo not taken by me)

Well, I look at the black race as a very stylish group of people. We do
It big. I know I love fashion. Let’s see how our black people do
It in fashion. The black fashion museum has got my eyes wide open,
Or at least the news about it.

They are showcasing a velvet opera coat that was made with
Special conditions. It was stretched out on archival paper and
Tucked into a person size box that looks just like a coffin. A
Group of Smithsonian curators and restoration experts
Lifted it. They gave it quite the inspection.

The coat came from the 1900s. It was elegantly crafted and
made with sapphire blue velvet, embeeded with soutache
embroidery in the form of a swirling pattern of firm leaves.
The sleeves, made of a trumpet outline are trimmed in fur.

The garment was styled and made by Louvenia Price. Price brought
to life what she is not. She was never an upper class lady.
Price was an ex-slave. Through all that harsh cruelty, she
still had trillion dollar thoughts. She has the mentality and
creativity above what she lived. Many times people associate
slaves with stupidity. This is NOT so. Slaves were the groundwork
for a better day, a better country. They were powerful like
objects that defy gravity in outer space.

For instance, this coat is one of the trasures of garments designed and
Worn by African Americans. Someone donated it to the National
Museum of African American History and Culture. Her name is
Joyce Bailey. Her mother, Lois Lane, established, curated, and
kept this Black Fashion Museum alive and running. It was first
displayed with an unremarkable Harlem

The museum was in NW. It was without a proper heating and cooling
System. She kept her paper records fresh in the
Metal file cabinets, stacked on shelves, and stored
In cardboard boxes. Bailey didn’t want it to got to a research
Center, or private hands, she wanted it to go to another
Museum of high caliber that could understand its significant
Meaning. There’s much African American experience hidden
Away in an attic or basement.

You know how it is? When people decide to do big things,
there are obstacles. There’s a force struggling between
good and bad, I promise there is. But just for getting
her business started is a success. TO the people who
made it, it is a success.

Moral of it? Keep the blackness alive. Keep the pride
alive. Keep our ancestors treasures afloat so we can
easily spot them.


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