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Pearl Primus, a black woman who’s signature dance move was leaping 5 feet in the air!


How well can you dance? How often do you dance? What type of dance
do you do? For me, I do the Charleston. I do the fosse walks, Jazz runs,
jazz walks, and plie. It’s all for dance class. Jazz dance is so fun,
I’m looking for me. Fortunately, I have the means to do those types
of dance. I’m learning about arm position, foot position, posture, etc.
Yet, I’ve never took a leap into the air.

Well Pearl Primus, is a black woman whose signature dance move is leaping
5 feet in the air. She founded her OWN dance company. Okay, so she
is running the show. She doing it hard like Showtime at the Apollo.Critics
called her moves forceful and controlled. You know, that’s when you put
much energy into what you doing, but not overdo it, or hold back.
Dance is discipline.That’s just what it is.

Her inspiration for dance? Racial issues and black writers.
She got a scholarship from the Julius. Rosenwald Foundation
so she could study dance and release all that emotion and
fuel she had on the inside.

She was drawn to dance based on African stonecutters,
Carribean religious practices, and rural life in American

And it is quite nice to find someone in your own field.
She married a dancer who is also a choreographer.

She got some dance background to back her up:
MA in NEw York University
National Dance Company
PHD in Dance Education

She was the chair of Five COlleges dance consortium.
With her original company Pearl Primus Dance Institute, she
combined African American, Carribean, African dances with
modern and ballet dances. What a blend!

President Bush honored her with the National Medal of
Arts. Bravo to her knockout dancing! I wish I could
dance like that. Somebody help me ha ha ha!


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