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Bill Bojangles, a black man who could run 75 yards in 8.2 seconds, a tap dancing legend!1

Do you like to tap? Can you tap dance circles around competition? Professionals do this. Anyways, I’m drawing in inspirations for tap dance right up our alley, right here in our black race. We all here about what Europeans do. That’s routine. What do our black people do?

Lets learn about what our black people do. It never gets boring.
Shuffle and tap? Does it sound familiar? Well, a black man who goes
by the name of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson created some of those moves.
He was a resident of Richmond, Virginia. One of his big to do dances
was the stair dance.

Yet when he was little, he went to the oddest
place to perform.Robinson performed at local
Beer gardens at age 6. By the time he was eight,
he was dancing for pennies.He was taking over
the show “vaudeville” which Includes dancers,
singers, comedians, and actors. When he became
a young adult, he got the most out of his money
dancing in vaudeville circuit and
And who was he dancing near? Shirley
Temple ofcourse. This man jumped into the scene, completing
fourteen films. He was tapping his sweet rhythms through
the scene with Lena Horne in her African American production,
Stormy Weather.

By the time he was 61, he was still dancing all peppy
(energetic) down the street of broadway. Yes, people,
take a closer look at Bill Robinson, or Bojangles,
Just like the restaurant Bojangles. Ofcourse this
star was copied. The best always are.

His dancing skills give a patina of quality to the
other white acts. He was simply better. Yet as humble
as can be, he never decided not to appear at an event
with less successful people. With his great adaptability,
he was doing different shows in different locations.

That’s right, keeping his talent alive and making
big steps in life. He never gave up. And when I said tap dance
circles around people, the man was tapping dancing in circles on
those steps. You can see that in the youtube video above.

And we must highlight something else.
We are all so familiar with running forwards, but Robinson,
could run backwards, 75 yards in 8.2 seconds.

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

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