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Chubby Checker bombarding the stage with the dance he invented ,”The twist”!!

Chubby Checker? Catchy name right? You bet. Well, he
was just as catchy as his name. A name like his is
memorable enough to sell records quick. He would
perform on Philadelphia. He was in a famous ad for Oreo

Born October 3, 1941, he took on jobs like shining
shoes, selling ice and assisting in a butcher’s shop.
His heroes? Only the top best like Fats Domino,
Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley made his list.
He performed in church and on the streets in his
singing group, the Quantrells.

The music executives were running to get to him
like people running through Walmart like people
who found out about a 50% discount on laptops.
He signed with Cameo Parkway Records in 1959.
He even came up with a song called “The Twist” .
Also, He was labeled “King of the twist.” What
a calling! Not only that folks, he INVENTED
the dance the Twist. Let’s get down with him.

The twist, as a a dance movement revolutionized
popular culture, giving a smooth transitioning
for couples to break up on the dance floor.

He makes me want to try! Amazing! Count on
Chubby Checkers to zoom into action. Vocal
cords that speak volumes and the feet that
keep the beat…What an amazing man! High
five on his kind of talent.


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