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Dr Isaac Horton, a Black man has 25 years of background as Chairman and Ceo of LIghht INC, who disinfects water


Dr Isaac Horton is doing something better than your average male.
What’s that you ask? Well, He is a black man with 25 years of background
in technology, patents, international business and finance. Due to his adroit
nature as a pharmaceutical drug designer for Dupont Company, he has a
reputation as a scientist and entrepreneur. Hear
that again people! He works for legal drugs, that are scientifically designed to help
people, not the raw drugs that keep people intoxicated.
This man takes the title of Chairman and Ceo of Remote Light INc,a
company who’s purpose is to use light to disinfect air, water, and other liquids.
His company has distributed over 140 patents, which is really saying something about
how hard they are doing with this. And where can you see Remote Light’s technology? If you go to Disney’s theme parks or even the New York Stock Exchange, Tiffany and Company,
Two NFL half time shows and many more places, you will be in a daze or
in awe rather because that’s the business he so professionally assists.
The Products there, how do they rate? The products are so
hot that they get “Product of the Year “ Award, Application of the Year
Award”, and “Innovator of the Year Award”. This is the equivalent to being
on a winning team that so many people desire to work with. I mean, who
wants to be on a losing team? We are on the team for the betterment of self
and others.
Horton has also added something else to his balancing beam of
achievements. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Scientific
Production Ventures. Scientific Production venues recently built a
Multi-billlion dollar pipeline of utility scale solar power in investment
Opportunities in brownfield, whose role it is so serve as a new business
for Cherokee investment Partners.
Isaac Horton, being the overachiever he is, co founded and is
the Chairman of the Eco Channel. This business is based on energy management.
This allows consumers to reduce their energy up to 20 percent. This is
where the cash savings and monetary value seems to rear its beautiful
Ecointerfacce is conveniently set up so that you, the homeowner don’t
have to present cash up front. Dr. Horton has partnered with companies like
the Quantum Fund George Soros, Consolidated Edison of New York, Progress Energy,
Eight Hedge Funds, The Malaysian Government, Lucky Gold Star,
China Trust of Taiwan and Hong Kong Tobacco. Dr. Horton has such
buying power, he was able to purchase businesses within domestic
And international territory.
Horton was an active community member and has served on a variety
Of boards such as:

1.The Board of Visitors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2.The Education Committee for the Board of the American Chemical Society

3. The Steering Committee for the Urban Education Intiative of the National
Science Foundatio

4. A National Board Member of the National Organization
Of Black Chemist and Chemical Engineers

5. The Board of Directors and Investment
Committee At Shaw University

6.The Board of Directors of Ravencroft School

7. And the Board of Directors of the Incubator

Well….in response…if more people were like this, this wouldn’t be a druggie
America. They would spend much time doing intellectual stuff and being a
sapient person (smart). As you can see, Horton was an all purpose type
of guy. He is able to divide his time into multiple businesses which helps
him to accomplish more things. Anyone can do this if they be persistent
and stay persistent. That is key.That is main element. More people need
to start doing Big things like this instead of expecting to reach overhead
and get success. More people need to know that hard work is a strain, a
pull of muscle, a sleepless night, but is not a comfortable
little life in a box. Anyways, they need to go back to Nas song I can’ and he is
Referring to people like Dr. Horton. Success like this is delicious like a
desert, strawberry short cake or strawberry cheesecake? No matter
what, It’s all good!


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