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Archie Alexander has constructed more than 300 buildings like dams, roadways, and bridges in the United States!!

Tidal Basin Inlet Bridge

Have you ever been up close with a person whose very
much into architecture? Meet Archie Alexander, a black
man known for his prolific structures. Alexander is one
of those successful engineers. He has led the way with
his company. Through his company, he has constructed
more than 300 major construction projects in America
such as several bridges, dams, and road ways. These
roadways include K Street highway and Tidal Basin
Bridge in Washington DC.

People around the world see buildings. Yet, Archie
Alexander is constructing buildings of value that
are being used.

The world needs to create more architects. They will
certainly be the most mathematically precise and definitely
entertain folks and give us places to jump up and run

When there are empty buildings, the world is half
empty. And why should it be? Alexander is the
exact opposite of emptiness. He is there to FILL
a role and FILL in those spots the world needs
filling at. Alexander is a leader and builder.
With him in charge, the world can have more
grandiose contributions. We as a people need
to voice our opinions on this. Alexander deserves
much applause for his efforts.

Don’t let another black person go unnoticed for their
work. If you have a mouth to speak with, you need
to brag! Thank you lots! Questions? Comments?
Address me!


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