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Clark Terry, a scant singing Legend!

We all know about the black people who have soulful experience of jazz. There are many names in Jazz, but who stands out? Oh, Clark Terry

Clark Terry playing his trumpet

He has put on performances with the top names in Jazz like in
Count Basie’s big band and has been linked to Duke Ellington.
He took part of Ellington suites and built his laboring
reputation on his multi-labeled range of styles.

He has soared to new heights and performed in New York studios and was a staff member of NBC. You might have been fortunate enough to see him on the Tonight Show. This is the show that gave him his big break because his mumbling scat singing went global.

He has taken on the flugelhorn with a full ringing tone, leaving
a sensation in the ear and providing a peaceful ambiance (or surrounding) in the air.

And I can’t leave out the fact that he does studio work and teach at jazz workshops. And guess what else? He was a leader
at the BIG BAD BAND! More minors need to find a hobby and
look to jazz greats like him or something soothing inspiration like this man. Jazz is serene like the waterfalls. Jazz is pure like the purified water. Jazz is the BIG BANG!

Now,are you ready for something fast paced, fast beat? The man
can work his instrument or his trumpet tool and his mouth.
His type of singing is a deep talented scanting embedded into his soul. Soulful? He is soulful all the way through. Just open your eyes and ears and give him your full attention.
Thanks for reading! Questions? Opinions? Experiences with
him? Have you met him or seen him on tv? Let me know.

Thanks for reading! Have a bless day! Scant it up!


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