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Some tips for blow drying the hair

“You need a great hairstyle for that great outfit. THus, you’ll get that balance.”

Blow-dryer III

There is the right way to do something and the wrong way to do something.

When it comes to our hair and other things, we should do it the right way

right away. Hair tends to need special treatment. We can’t just ignore it.

We need to take care of it just like we take care of other things.

We can’t always just fly through the hair styling process. We

must take care of the hair we have to maintain it or increase it.

  • When you go to a hair salon, take a lesson with an expert. 
  • Learn what it is this person is doing to get the same look you want when blow dried.
  • If you let your hair air dry before you use a blow dryer, this can minimize hair 


  • Blow dry down your hair shaft and this will give you smoother locks.
  • Keep the blow dryer about 10 inches away from your hair when you want to remove moisture.
  • keep the blow dryer 6 inches away when styling to cut down on heat damage.
  • Don’t focus on one section of hair for too long.
  • Keep the blow dryer moving.
  • Don’t blow dry your hair upside down.
Once you understand how to avoid breakage, then you can avoid the headache of hair loss.
Also, you can unwind and sit back and relax instead.
well, now that you know the ways to blow dry your hair you can practice them. Make it a
habit. You always have something to remember. I wish I would have known these tips
a long time ago. The important thing now though, is that I know. I see areas where
I can improve in my hair such as the growth. It’s thick, but it can be thicker. Also,
I’d like to give my hair some shape. Are ya’ll satisfied with your hair or do you
feel that you need improvement? Let me know. Thanks for reading!

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