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Marjorie Joyner, a black woman invented a machine that gave curls that last for days!

Infatuated with those curls? Obssessed with curls? Looking at the lady in the
magazine wondering how can I get those curls? Ask a beautician and then you
tell me. I want to know, too! I’m not a hairstylist. I’ve done women’s hair before
but my work is so basic. I know I can’t work with hard to style hair. I wish I could. I wonder
if I should become a beautician. That will take away a lot of my hair problems.
I would just be chilling, relaxing all care free. But I myself would make sure my
hair is done. Anyways, I want to give tribute to a black woman who changed
the hair game for the better. Her name is Marjorie Joyner.
She was introduced to Madame C J Walker, a black hair care products
entrepreneur. Walker owned about 200 hair salons. She died in 1919 and
Marjorie headed the Madam CJ. Walker Beauty Colleges. In the 1920s, black
women had serious issues with their hair. If they wanted to straighten
their tightly curled hair, they would have to use a stove heated
curling iron. Then, Marjorie comes along and speeds up the process
and also makes it easier as well as more efficient.
Her vision was of serveral curling irons above a woman’s head
that would work in unison to straighten her hair all at once. Joyer abruptly
had this idea In her head. Joyner said “It all came to me in the kitchen
when I was making a pot roast one day, looking at these long thing rods that
hld the pot roast together and heated from the inside. I figured you could
use them like hair rollers, then heat them up to cook a permanent
curl into the hair.”
Therefore, she straightened and curled in a very easy manner.
She approached this solution by putting 16 rods adjacent to each other.
They were connected to the electric cord inside of a drying hood. A customer
would wear the hood for a certain amount of time. Thus, the hair was either
straightened or curled. She started working on her invention in
1926 and after two years of trial and error, it was all finished. In
1928, she got a patent for her device named the Permanent
Waving Machine. This device was bestselling and auspicious (successful).
The curl stayed in the hair for days. On the other hand, a curl from as
single iron would last only a day.

THerefore, she was a success just like her inventions. We all want
that hairstyle that’s on point to match our nice outfit. We never
want to walk around with half the look. Even on a casual day,
when we wear our hair nice, we look nice! Hair is the first thing
we see!


2 thoughts on “Marjorie Joyner, a black woman invented a machine that gave curls that last for days!

  1. I didn’t mention her on my list of Super-Geniuses because after doing some research, she didn’t invent or have any significant improvements that set her apart from the original inventors device. But, she did have an innovative mind nonetheless.

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