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Who is chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox Corporation? A black woman named Ursula Burns!

Xerox Phaser 6115MFP Multifunction Printer-Scanner-Copier-Fax

Well all know how important it is to zerox. I wouldn’t
want to type 4 pages 50 times so it’s great to be
able to xerox. Since were on the topic of Xerox,
I should tell you that Ursula MR. Burns is
chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox
Corporation. Ursula Burns is a BLACK
woman too. The company she heads has
Sales that are about $23 billion. This is
the world’s leading Enterprise for business process
and document management.
She joined in 1980 as a mechanical engineering
summer intern. (See where interning can get you.)
You make one step and sometimes it can lead
to a whole lot of steps and moves. It’s like
The company, she controls, takes the title of leader
in the global photocopying market.She took on both
roles as product development and planning and her business
soared up there with its leadership position in digital
document technologies.
Burns led several business teams like
the company’s color business and Office network
printing business. In 2000, Burns received the
title senior Vice president. She restructured Xerox
through its turnaround to bloom as a leader in
color technology and document services. The company’s
main reason to turnaround was its research and
development of new products and technologies.
Burns was captain of Xerox’s global
research,product development, marketing, and delivery.
She was also nominated as a member of Board
Of Directors. She was chief executive officer in
July 2009. This woman made the largest acquisitions
in Xerox history. This includes a $6.4 billion
purchase Of Affiliated Computer Services, which
catapulted the company’s presence in the $500
billion business services market and extending
the company’s reach into multiple areas of
business process and IT outsourcing.
Burns was the chairman of the
company, leading the 140,000 Of Xerox who assist
clients in over 160 countries. She even provides
leadership counsel to community, educational, and
non profit organizations including First, aka For
Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology,
National Academy Foundation, for MIT, and the US Olympic
committee, and much more. She is the founding
director of Change the Equation, whose target
is to Improve the U.S. education system in science,
technology, engineering, and math STEM. By March
2010, President Barack Obama appointed Burns
vice chair of the Presiden’t Export Council.

Xerox Phaser 6115MFP Multifunction Printer-Scanner-Copier-Fax

Have you heard of her? If not, you may want to
research more into this lady. From what I found
so far, I’ve got a chunk of information on her
background. Knowing what she does, how does
xeroxing fit into your everyday life? For
all of those saying you wish you could do what
she did, YOU can! And remember, it all started
as an intern! Now intern and network are the
two words that will get you through your career.
Thanks for your time!

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  1. Good Morning. I am doing biographical research on the life of Ursula Burns and her career at Xerox. Would like to discuss more about this with you.

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