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Roland B. Scott-Main force behind the sickle Cell ANemia COntrol Act of 1971

What is SIckle Cell Anemia? Why does it occur? Well Dr. Roland B. Scott

can answer your questions on this issue. He is a pediatrician and allergy expert

that gained fame of his authority on sickle cell disease. Dr. Scott was the main

force behind the SIckle Cell Anemia COntrol Act of 1971.It founded comprehensive

research and treatment centers around the country for the disease. He was trained

first as an allergist but switched his attention to sickle cell anemia after he observed

a high number of African American children showing up in the HOward Hospital

emergency room with problems from this disease..Dr. Scott became a great

authority on the heriditary. In 1972, he used a grant from the National Institutes

of Health to establish the Howard University Center for sickle cell disease. He

was the direct of the center until 1990, when he retired.

This man zooms into action. Isn’t this man amazing? He

contributed to the people.


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