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The Consequences of Slave Rebellions!

Don’t life as a slave sound the worse? It puts you into a position where you need

to defend yourself.  They did what they felt they needed to do to escape slavery

or retaliate and that’s what was best.Slave uprisings were frequent in occurence

but put down by plantation owners.


They wanted to deter future rebellions by punishing slaves for them. People who

rebelled were killed in public by progressive mutilation, slow burnings, and breaking

on the wheel. The wheel was a form of torture that involved dislocating people’s

bones and pulling the body apart on a wheel.

Slaves were tortured and starved in cages. On the Caribbean island of Antigua, 77 slaves

or rebels as they were described, were burned alive in 1736. 400 were executed for going

along with Tacky, a slave who led a rebellion in Jamaica in 1760. 1832 the rebellion

known as the Baptist War or Emancipation Rebellion on Jamaica’s island resulted in them

killing 200 slaves in battle and death of 344 more.

Basically slaves were treated like animals. . Therefore they punished

slaves for rebellions. I don’t know how they justify the sick way of treating

people. IF the slavemaster had to suffer, then so be it. It’s better that a multitude

of slaves were free.


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