The housing, food, clothing, and free time of slaves!

ImageSlaves need housing, food, clothing, and free time just like anyone else.

THey were allowed these things but their housing , food, clothing, and

free time was a particular way. It must have been terrible to live under

somebody else’s guidelines or have no choice in the way they live.

THis is similar to prison. But slaves had their own lives too. First,

they had their own shelter.


In some instances slaves had housing already. In other instances slaves had to build

their own houses. Those that built their own houses made them like the ones they

had in Africa with thatched roofs. Liviing conditions were cramped because there

were in some instances, ten people sharing a hut. They had little in the way

of furniture and beds, which were typically made of straw or old rags.

Slaves who worked in the plantation house had better housing closer to the house

and were also given better food and clothing than those that worked in the fields.

Their food was set up like this:

           Sometimes they were given pots and pans for cooking ,but more often than

not, they had to make their own. The long hours they put into the fields meant that 

they did not have much free time to make things to improve their living. Some slaves

used hollowed out pumpkin shell called a calabash to cook their food in. Slaves lived

on fatty meat and cornbread because the plantation owners did not spend more

money on food than they needed to.

                             Their clothing was very limited. Slaves could own one pair of shoes and three items of underwear each year. These items were provided by the owner and were ill fitting and made of coarse


                As far as free time, slaves had to work from sunrise to sunset. Some slave

owners made the slavees work everyday while others allowed slaves one day a month

off. Some even allowedt their slaves to have Sunday as a reseet day. Some slaves 

would spend their time mending huts, making pots and pans, and relaxing. Some plantation owners allowed their slaves a small area of land to grow things to 

help with their diet. Slaves were forbidden to learn how to read or write, but some

slaves could go to church.

            I just don’t see how any human being could live like a slave. What kind of person

or people would make up slavery? I know to escape slavery they had to fight for 

their lives. Everyday must have been a fight until they reached freedom.


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