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Albert Richardson, a black man invented the butter churn!

downloadDoesn’t your mouth water when you see delicious foods?

What is bread without butter? WHat is eggs without butter?

Albert Richardson came up with the butter churn. Originally in

1891 who wanted to make butter had to do so by hand in a bowl.

Yet, when Albert Richardson’s invention was a device that consisted

of a large wooden cylinder container with a plunger-like handle which

moved up and down. Doing this, the movement caused oily parts of

cream or milk to become separated from the watery parts. This simplified

the process of making butter.

To add to his inventions, he made a casket lowering device. In 1894, Richardson

saw a problem with the way dead bodies were buried. It was common to bury

bodies in small shallow graves or try to lower their caskets with ropes into a

deeper hole. This, unfortunately, required several people to work together to

ensure that the casket was lowered evenly. If not, the casket would clip out of

one of the ropes and to be damaged from hitting the ground. On November 13,

1894, Richardson patented the casket lowering device which had pulleys and

ropes or cloths which  ensured uniformity in the lowering process. Everything

is a process and it must be carried out correctly.

RIchardson patented a hame fastener in  1882, an insect destroyer in

February 1899 and improvement in the design of the bottle in December of

1899. This is yet another genius at hand. He is good, so good for so many

things. These inventions make life easier and why not take advantage

of the easy way of doing something? Why make processes hard when

they can be easy? This man is brilliant.


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