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Black Doll Companies !

What do most girls like to play with? Dolls! Well every girl should have

a doll in her image. It upsets me to see black children discriminate

against their own color. For example, if the black child picks the white

doll over the black doll. There’s nothing wrong with the black doll.

Black is beautiful.  So I’m appreciative of any company that would

cater to little black girls by making black dolls.

HIA Toys is a black dolls company. Ashby set up History in Action

Toys, a line that has action figures that are inspiring role models.

The real life stories are designed to wake up a child’s imagination

and be appealing to the kid in all people.

Uzuri Kid Kidz offers people multicultural toys like the Pepper Doll to help

kids of color accept their own appearance. THe company offers toys,

party supplies, and accessories that have cultural themes. THe Uzuri

Kid Kidz has a list of loveable characters like Penny and Pepper, the

ballerina detectives and friends, Princess Amira, Dancing Wendy, and

the Ballerina Babes.

Kwanzaa Kidz was made to celebrate African heritage, educate

children about their cultural legacy and build self esteem to

enrich communities. Kwanzaa Kidz has African centered products

like videos, books,puzzles, and board games to educate and

entertain children as well.

Ethidolls was founded by Ethiopian entrepreneurs Salome Yilma and

Yeworkwoha Ephrem. They offer genuine alternative choice from mainstream

selections. EthiDolls is developer of collectible quality, educational,

African dolls and accessories. It is a company in New York City with

a mission to create unique dolls and accessories. The dolls are made

according to black female leaders like The Queen of Sheba and Queen

Mother Yaa Asantewaa, the Queen of the Asante people.

DOlls like Me is a company that shows children the way the world is.

The company helps them do that by giving children of color with great images

of themselves. The New York based company was established in 2005 by
Denise Gary Robinson, an African American entrepreneur. Robinson

thinks children should have dolls that look like them and their friends

too, which she celebrates with her collection. The collection features dolls

of a variety of skin tones that are dressed to present ethnic varieties.

Other than dolls, the company sports baby gifts, party ware, books,

games, and hair and skin products.

And I love the diversity in the way that appeal to multiple tastes in the

doll company like baby gifts, books,etc.Black children need to see their own

image in a good light. That’s where pretty black dolls come in. This is just one

way to present the image of black girls. I”m really really impressed with
the way the dolls were created after great leaders with the Ethidolls.


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