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Here I am Sporting the Crimps Hairstyle for all eyes to see!


I love curls. Curls are even better than braids. hare lady-like and elegant.

I just want to show them off, put them on display for everyone to see.

Now I can curl my own hair and even do flip curls. I just never tried doing

crimps. I actually had my hair crimped professionally. The hairstylist

shampooed and conditioned my hair, gave me a deep conditioning

under the dryer, and blow dried it. She crimped it. I didn’t know if

I had to have a relaxer to get crimps.

This is my first time having crimps. I love the wavy, crimpy look.

It suits me. I got many compliments around campus. It made me feel

so good to hear the compliments. I felt even better knowing how I love

my hair and the compliments continue each day . I will be getting crimps

again in the future. I got the this hairstyle done Tuesday NOvember 19, 2013.

It’s just a few days before my birthday on November 24th. I got this done

as a birthday present to myself. How rewarding it is to get

my hair done.




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