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Savion Glover is an African American Tap Dancer who has repeatedly been on Sesame Street!

The multitalented Savion Glover is a black man that

is known for his tap dancing, choreography, and acting. He has

been in business since he was just a child. He was the youngest

person to get a scholarship in the Newark Community School of the Arts.

He had made his mark starring in a leading role in the Broadway musical

the Tap Dance Kid.

He had his own dancing style known as “free style hard core.

The Tony Award winning dancer worked with super great individuals

like Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis. Jr. He has blown audiences

away with his roles in major motion pictures like Jelly’s Last Jam.

This role earned him the National Endownment for the Arts grant,

which he made history for. He was the youngest ever recipient for that

specific grant. As a choreographer, Glover’s work has helped to

keep tap dancing as an art form in the modern dance world.  He

starred in the musical “Bring in da Noise, Bring in da Funk” which

he himself choreographed. He got a Tony for best choreographer.

He has reappeared on Sesame Street numerous time.

And guess what? He’s behind the live dancing motion behind Mumble

the peguin in the Disney film “Happy Feet”.  Yet again, he serves as an

choreographer.  Savion Glover’s success is truly a delight. He keeps

going in the right direction and is making BIG moves in his career.

I applaud him for what he does.


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