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How slaves were educated!!


Isn’t it a blessing to be able to read? I am so grateful for knowledge, especially black history. It’s my favorite subject. Black people have done so much work in the world. This includes inventions, achievements, and slave work. What an amazing bunch of people to balance it all out. The “brains” of black people is so incredible I had to make a site dedicated to my people! So that makes me wonder about slavery. How did black people learn when they were slaves?

Did you know that slaveholders thought that a slave that could read was dangerous? Southern slavemasters were against slave literacy. They feared that slaves would forge passes or convince other slaves to rebel. In 1740, South Carolina enacted another reply to the events that occured at Stono by passing an early law prohibiting teaching a slave to read or write.

In other parts of the South, the mid-18th century saw a continuation of earlier laws that forbid the education of slaves. There was still some tolerance for slave education of slaves in certain groups. In 1743, for example, Anglican ministers established a school specifically in South Carolina. For more than 20 years, the school offered instruction in Christian religion and education under the guidance of a slave schoolmaster.

Slaves found other ways of learning instead of formal education. Slaves
learned from parents, spouses, family members, and fellow slaves and some were even personally instructed by their masters or hired tutors. Slaveholders were inspired by Christian convictions to enable Bible reading among slaves and founded informal plantation schools on occasion. They needed literate slaves to do record-keeping.

In the North, black education was not forbidden. African Americans had greater access to formal schooling and had a better chance of basic reading and writing skills than Southern blacks.Quakers played a great role in raising the literacy rates among Northern blacks by persistently promoting education programs in the years before and after the Revolutionary War.

In both the pre-abolition North and the antebellum South, labor demands made ithard for slave children. to get involved in extensive learning or to attend school consistently. White teachers offered limited curricula suitable for slaves. Despite this, enslaved people and free blacks showed off their determination and ability to learn as well as an comprehension of the opportunities opened up by education.

And here us blacks are today. Reading is a beautiful thing. It’s so wonderful what you can figure out just by reading. So do take your time and enjoy a great book.




2 thoughts on “How slaves were educated!!

  1. I think it’s interesting to know that they were not allowed to be educated in the South, but were allowed to learn “Christian Religion.” The black church is very prevalent in black culture, even today. It seems that this is by design, maybe?

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