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Sheryl Jones, an African American jewelry designer is dazzling the world with her creations!


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SHe has been doing jewelry design since 1998. She began working for a diamond manufacturer in New York CIty.  Jones ended her career in television working for MTV. SHe took up a course at the Gemological Institute of America on Fifth Avenue. That is a reputable business and they also do well at grading diamonds. She has taken alot of courses trying to decide what to do and get outside of her head. She took a week’s length diamond course and received her diamond certificate. Jones was focused on finding a job and after checking the job board she found an opening with a Belgian man who was opening a family office in Antwerp.

She had offered to do publicity for his brand if he could teach her how to sort diamonds.

Alot of people began asking her to make jewelry like engagement rings, wedding bands, and pendants. That’s how her designing career began. She left David, her mentor and opened her studio on 39th Street and started taking customer orders. For the demand, she designed cuff links and sold them at Sean Jean and Michael C. Fina. That showed itself to be a successful venture and through that she was introduced to a new company, which was a larger manufacturer. They asked her to design diamond jewelry and to manage retail space. They also provided her with the chance to see her pieces.

Her inspiration is in the stones. It all began there. Jones’ current collection is a departure from her usual design ethic. That ethic is to make clean, classic, and timeless pieces. This line is for those people who like what’s unique.

There’s more to the story here:


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