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African American skateboarders on the prowl, the story!

skateboard photo: skateboard skateboard.jpg

What’s something new I’d like to try? Skateboarding! I want to

skateboard through the city of Detroit. Well, while were on

the subject of skateboarding, I’d like to mention someone

in the skateboarding business. Traci Johnson, a black

woman  is known as a skateboarder. She and her husband

Jay have a mission  to support those young skateboarders in the New

York City. Johnson taught her nephew to skate, but she was so

surprised to hear that the fame and fortune was some people’s

reason for skateboarding.

Her skateboard company Culture skateboards

now sells its own skateboard decks.This team travels to skate on

new terrain and  at skate parks. Last fall, Culture Skateboards

opened the 1st phase of a skate park at Brower Park in a Brooklyn

neighborhood. Johnson got the money from New York State

Senator Eric Adams. This prompted 100 skaters

to head to his office to prove he needed a skate park.Her plan

is to create more multi-phase skate spots at New York City parks.

Johnson is currently working to get grants to fund video and

graphic arts programs for skateboarders who want to

learn how to shoot and edit skateboarding footage, design

apparel and decks.

There are about 8 millions active skateboarders

in the United States and they spend 7.8 billion per year

on skateboard equipment, apparel and accessories.

Well, on the last note, skateboarding is something that

looks appealing to the eyes. I wish I could do tricks with a

skateboard. It’s so powerful. It’s so fun. If I could join a

skateboard league, I’d join like pronto. Skateboarding would

be so brand new to me. I want to get really good at it and

teach others about that.




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