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amazoncom signs photo: amazoncom amazon.png

What do you think when you hear the website
I personally think of a site where you can buy stuff
with a really amazing presentation . You get stuff for great
deals and you can get stuff on the expensive side, but
the price is worth it. I’ve seen skateboards, bike
baskets, bike horns, black history books, cookbooks,
lipstick, family feud handheld games, and pots and pans.
They have Carol’s Daughter conditioner for $14.04,
holistic books, shirts supporting taco bell and with
the taco bell symbols, roller blades,bike lights,
exercise dvds, martin dvds and others, bags, old cds
for low prices like 4.99, etc. They offer clothing
for purchase as well as air beds and furniture. Some
of the things I observe on I don’t see everyday in the
way they are designed. Take for example, the tower
fan is unique. I mostly see regular circle fans.
They have shopping carts. They have bike accessories
to jazz it up.
I know most people already know about
but I’m telling you they offer helpful things with
a unique presentation. They got shoes that light up.
They have a dvd player with the screen so you can
watch it on the dvd player instead of having to use
a tv. offers bikes in different colors, clothes
in different colors. Amazon’s products have different styles
and could give you that new look that differs from what
you see at let’s say Walmart. I’ve seen so many great
things in one spot on than I could
find in one store or one whole mall. It’s like since I’ve been
getting money, I’ve been ordering from them back to
back. I am not giving them a rest. Let me just say this.
Let me make it point blank. I want my stuff from,
the best online hot spot. And they mean business!

Oh, and You can view my wish list and get more of an idea of what
cool, hip, super sweet items you might LOVE as well.


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