Black women, pole dancing isn’t just for strippers, it can also be used for fitness!

Have you ever wanted to bend and flex on a pole for fun?
Well, you might like pole dancing.
You can use it for fun, fitness, and the bedroom.
Dalijah Franklin is the founder of the Black Girls
Pole movement. Franklin doesn’t see enough black
people in the industry of pole dancing. She
wanted to draw black women out who loved to
do pole dancing. THerefore, she came up with
Black Girls Pole.

The biggest names in the game have come, stood up
and took charge of the movement like Nicole
“THe Pole” Williams. She was in Rihanna, Ne Yo
and Bruno Mars videos. Black Girls Pole celebrates
the shapes,sizes, and backgrounds that pole
artists come from.

And they say you have to be stick thin to do
pole dancing. Well, not Roz the Diva, aka
plus sized dancer. SHe pole dances with the
same amount of strength, grace and confidence
as the slender people. And you should see
her “Dangerous Curves” talent showcase,
which shows off plus sized women who work
the pole.


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