Nutricide exposed truth about how white people destroy black people, black people accomplishments, how food is used against black people!

  • Nutricide  is  very good book. It is scientifical,informative,inspirational.              .                                                       It gives you information The white race  does not want you to know,specifically African queens who ruled Gush. It shows you The ways of Maat., the sacrifices  black people had to make, how overeating causes  biochemistry,how melanin is used, how white out is a form of nutricide ,how food is used against black people and The problems within our black race , imitations of The black race, what is stolen and destroyed in The black race.                                       The Caucasian  man and woman and homosexuals have a deep fear  of the black woman’s  superiority so they inferiorize her.                                 Caucasians have fur.Africans have hair.                                                       CAUCASIANS imitate the black woman by wearing buttocks pads, WEARING  brassiere etc.               Caucasians darken their skin,, lips to imitate  Africans and try to dance like African and imitate African hip development.                                                            CAUCASIANS ARE Partial ape and partial hue-man.                               The black Madonna is in France, Germany, Poland,Spain,Guatemala and Greece.                                                                BLACK MEN make up a large percentage  of the military and police forces. Therefore, he’s  the most highly armed,technologically skilled  and combat trained African soldier in the universe.                                                        Pork sweeteners  like aspArtame  create  an unstable personality that can cause homosexual characteristics.                   Vaccines destroy health.                How the black baby learns faster than white babies.                        Now, I  gave you  some serious tidbits of information. But it gets  more and more serious as you read. This book is a must read. This book is routed with deep issues in the black community  and white community.                                                 Credit-the book Nutricide by Dr. AFRIKA

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