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My Name is Tamarva BUtler. I was born NOvember 24, 1986. I graduated from Inkster High School June 3,2004 with a 4.0 gpa I graduated from Benedict College December 14,2013 with a 3. 5 gpa. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree now.
I have 3 brothers and one sister. I describe myself as hardworking, intellectual, adventurous. I am currently 27 years old. My favorite movie is Jason Goes To Hell. My hobbies are writing blogs , traveling, researching.My career plan is to major in mass communications.
I plan to have my own magazine, my own radio show, my own book of poetry,etc. I enjoy
writing lyrics, movie scripts, designing webpages, writing slogans. I plan to have a career also
writing commercial ideas, directing music videos,

I Love Black history. I I used to do camera operating parttime. I currently
make announcements on the radio. I know some basic piano.



12 thoughts on “About ME

  1. BecauseImBlack.com - I love being Black t-shirts

    Before , I get into my autobiography, I want to let you know ofcourse I do alot of research
    everyday that's why I have so many Black posts about my own people. But if you would like, I
    will do free advertising for Black History events, Black facts, Black websites, Black Talent,
    events that help Black people, Black Power sites, anything
    great I promote about Black people. So if you would like to me to advertise any of these things
    for you in my blog, I will do it. Other things to know about me, I blog alot. I update alot.
    Now, for my autobiography.

    My Autobiography

    I am a BLACK WOMAN, as you can see.
    I've been asked if that Egyptian headdress picture
    is mine. Yes, that's me with the EGyptian beaded Headress.
    My name is Tamarva Butler. I was born November
    24, 1986 in Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit Michigan. I am 27 years old.
    I am a college graduate. I have three brothers and one sister.
    I describe myself as quiet, studious, diligent, silly, creative.
    I have plans to be a scriptwriter, lyricist, camera operator, author,
    video/tv/movie editor and director,magazine writer
    and editor, journalist, motivational speaker. I write poetry.
    I also plan to have my own book of poetry. I'm a Blogger
    I plan to write slogans for companies and work for a card company.
    My Major is Mass Communications. Maybe one day I'll write children's
    stories. I want to go in person and record, discover, analyze, research
    Black history by observing evidence of what happened in the past.

    I’m interested In African American studies and journalism
    because I write a lot and want my own magazine. I would also like
    to have web design as a career.

    My quotes: "I’m the type of person that works hard understand any difficult things."
    "Everyone has a different character and diverse role to carry out. What's yours?"

  2. Hello Tamarva. I liked this site so much I got one as well. Your site looks real professional. I hope you have a great day.

  3. Ofcourse Sister Tamarva,I too want more publicity for my “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!” SITE-PLEASE list it under that title instead of yeyeolade(which was a mistake I made in using my name instead of this title!)
    black polygamy.wordpress.com
    Your Sister who loves that a young BLACK Sister would be so knowledgeable and so BLACK for the RACE!
    Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade
    now BACK TO AFRICA in Nigeria,Yorubaland
    (From Lawrence,Kansas!)

  4. Sister Tamarva,Did get your e-mail! Will tell you all the problems I have trying to do this blog without my own equipment and link up thru cybercafes where the equipment is always breaking down and on and on so I can’t always reply my people on time,e ma binu(Yoruba for don’t be annoyed).Your coverage of BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! WAS wonderful! I will send you a few points on it to change! E se gan(thanks so very much!) You are a SISTER in deed! Black on!

  5. TRIED TO COMMENT on the Black Chinese but wouldn’t go. Your new flick is wonderful! Definitely you are the real BLACK Nefertiti! You must help me place my flick on my page-can’t get anyone here to do it for me.

    Will e’mail you Sister. O se(older person to a younger person- you say to me E se cause I’m older!)Odabo(good bye)!

  6. Love your site – You have a bright future ahead.

    Norman Samuda-Smith

  7. Thanks so much skakanova. You are sweet for saying so. I’m glad you enjoy it.
    thanks again.

  8. Charisma, just started back to working in pastels, hope you don’t mind you’ve been added to my summer pastel portrait project list…stay sweet!

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