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The cartoon character Betty Boop was inspired by a black jazz singer in Harlem!


Well, we are the originals.They are copies. White

people stole credit on different things that black people did.

Black people have invented alot to help the world be better

and make our lives easier.  We black people are the inspiration

for ideas, concepts, sciences, math, education, style, music,

dance, and much more.

Thus, I’m speaking about the iconic cartoon character Betty

Boop, who was inspired by a black jazz singer in Harlem. Max Fleischer

introduced her in 1930. She was the first and most famous sex symbol in

animation. Betty Boop is  well known for her revealing dress,

curvaceous figure and signature vocals BOOp OOP a Doop.

While there has been controversy over the years, the inspiration has been

traced back to Esther Jones who was known as Baby Esher and performed

mostly in the Cotton Club during the 1920s.

Baby Esther’s trademark vocal style of using boops and other

childlike scat sounds gained the attention of actress Helene Kane

during a performance in the late 20s. After observing Baby Esther,

Kane took on her style and began using boops in her songs as well.

Helene Kane, who found fame earlier on, often included this baby style

into her music. When Betty Boop was introduced, Kane promptly sued

Fleischer and Paramount Publix Corporation informing the public

that they were using her image and style.

Video evidence came to the light of Baby Esther performing

in a nightclub. The courts then ruled that Helene Kane did not

have the exclusive rights to the booping style or image and it predated her.

Baby Esther’s baby style did not bring her mainstream fame and she died

in obscurity. Yet, a piece of her lives on in the iconic character Betty


We don’t learn this type of material inside schools usually so

you just have to dig deeper. What else don’t we know about black history?

Well, we need to learn it because everything about black history matters.

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LaShay Harvey is an African American sexologist telling you about the African American sexual experience!


What’s one of the most pleasure experiences in life besides food?

Sex would be. Well, while I’m on the topic  I don’t know too many

black sexologists, or any at all. But they exist. It should be no surprise.

LaShay Harvey, a black  woman( known as a

sexologist) researches sexual agency, sexual freedom, and

sexual development in the African American community. She seeks to get

the entire picture of the African American sexual experience. SHe has a BA in

Communications from the University of Central Florida. LaShay coordinates a

research study at the Johns Hopkins University on pelvic inflammatory disease

in young girls and young Adult women. She has been invited to guest lecture

at various universities and organizations presenting to over 15,000 people.

Also she’s done over 1,300 presentations  completed on workshops dealing

with sexual pleasure and sexual identity development. She can help you

if you have any questions or are interested in booking! I know I have

my questions about sex. Don’t you?


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Spice your food up by putting some foods with others and/or adding different toppings!

SubwayFlatizza Food is beautiful. It’s art, especially junk food. I have never seen any food be as beautiful as junk food. Junk food is also very tasty.   Sometimes you may have had a food multiple times a week because you love it.If cooked right, I could have nacho bell grande everyday.  Though sometimes no matter how much you love a food , it’s good to switch up. Taco bell food is great. But I really love homemade nacho bell grande. A friend makes nacho belle grande in a pot and has put doritos and some toppings on it like onion and ground turkey. We add sour cream and salsa. The lnacho belle grande sits in that huge container ready for family to serve themselves. It fits neat into the pot like a casserole. It is so so very good. Nacho grande, like in another post I wrote is great in a certain way. I enjoy my nacho bell grande with doritos, ground turkey, sour cream, onion, cheddar cheese, salsa (or ortega sauce) jalapeno peppers, and refried beans. No guacomole. I can’t stand the taste of guacomole.

Now that you’ve heard about a great way to have nacho bell grande, you will hear more about the ways other foods taste good.

My mother came up with the idea of chili on cornbread. That is delicious.

My friend who my mother went to school with likes to make tuna on whole wheat bread. Tuna is great that way, but it is also great with crackers. She gets the tuna in water. She adds the miracle whip, sweet relish, boiled eggs, and mustard.

Now enough about tuna. I enjoy spaghetti with parmesan cheese.

As for pizza though, it goes well with parmesan cheese too. I got to subway, get a flatizza. They come with pepperoni, salami, cheese, and pizza sauce. I ask them to add parmesan cheese. There is something special about the subways in South Carolina. The flatizzas in South Carolina have much better flatizzas than the few subways I’ve been to in Michigan. Also, when I go to subway, I get the 12 inch sub sandwiches because they are too good to just get the 6 inch sandwich. I order a sandwich like the BMT and get mayonnaise, mustard, barbecue sauce, lettuce, and pickles.

I enjoy chicken. Somebody else I know  enjoys chicken too. He adds breadcrumbs to chicken. This was new to me. Most of my life I had never heard of this combination. But then I’m assuming there will be lots of foods that go together that I’ve never tried.

I love pizza with jalapeno peppers on them.Ham and cheese goes great on croissants. Cheerios is the best with brown sugar in it. Pork Chops with gravy is a delight. French Fries with seasoned salt is oh so surperb.

Chili mac is good too. I had never heard of it until I got to college.  Also, I first tried a baked potato with bacon and sour cream,shredded cheese, and butter at college. I also like to switch up the baked potato and put bacon and cheddar cheese on it.

Does any of you have your favorite foods mixed with something else or some special toppings?

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The Nicholas Brothers are two black men who do a blend of tap, jazz, ballet, and acrobatic moves!

picture from:
picture from:

Black people are these super talented bunch of people. We do things with style, grace, and  pizzazz. It always impresses me to hear black people doing well. We were born to do great things. Black people have a history of doing the most amazing things. If you know about the accomplishments of black people, you know that we are a blessing. So what brings me to the topic of black success? Well,the Nicholas Brothers come to mind.

The Nicholas Brothers are a African American dancing team. Fayard and Harold Nicholas careers spanned over 6 decades. They were recognized for their most memorable appearances in over 30 Hollywood musicals in 30s and 40s era. This includes Down Argentine Way, Sun Valley Serenade, and Stormy Weather.

Their artistry, choreographic brillance, and most unique style was a smooth blend of tap, jazz, ballet, and acrobatic moves that eeatntertained vaudeville, theatre, film, and television audiences all around the globe.

Their natural talents were honed early on in life. Their parents just so happened to be musicians that led the orchestra at the Standard Theatre in Philadelphia.

In 1932, when they first short film Pie, Pie Blackbird with Eubie Blake. Fayard and Harold opened at the Cotton Club, at the ages of 18 and 11.

They worked with such great and talented people like Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, and Ethel Wathers.

Samuel Goldwyn spotted them at the fashionable club and invited them to do their first movie, Kid Millions. In 1940, they were contracted to 20th century fox where they completed 6 films. The Brothers traveled around Europe with Bob Hope, Eve Arden, Fanny Brice  and Josephine Baker.

They also starred in Lew Leslie’s Blackbirds of 1936. Fayard and Harold kept performing in  Broadway, Off Broadway, and theatre productions throughout the United States and Europe until the 1980s.

In 1981, they were honored by the  Academy Awards tv special. Fayard got a Tony Award for his choreography in the broadway show Black and Blue in 1989. Harold got the Dea Award or Dance Educators of America, Bay Area Critics Circle Award for Best Principal Performance in Stompin at the Savoy, and the Harbor Performing Arts Center Lifetime Achievement Award.OTher awards and honors include Black Film makers Hall of Fame, Elle Award, National Film Society, Apollo Theaters Hall of Fame, First Class Inductees, Ebony Lifetime Achievement Award, Kennedy Center Honors,The National Black Media Coalition Lifetime Achievement Award, Flo-bert Award, New York’s Tap Dance Committee, Gypsy Award,and the Professional Dancer’s Society Dance Magazine Award of 1995.

In 1994, the Brothers got their long overdue star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

The Brothers have got out and pursued their dreams to the fullest. This  what more people ought to be doing. I even have to repeat the fact that they got their star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

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ALex Hicks, an African American Man is in Chrysler’s CIE program!


It isn’t always easy landing a job in one’s field. One must work hard and be d iligent. You should be  a self motivator as well. Well enough about that. I really enjoy seeing African Americans, Africans and any other black people succeed in life. Thus, I wanted to highlight some information on a African American man named Alex Hicks.

Alex Hicks and his 6 siblings learned the importnce of an education from their parents. He says “My mom was a teacher.” “I wanted to be an engineer because my dad was an engineer.” They both instilled in him the need to make the best  Grades he can get. He grew up in Michigan so the automobile industry was a big part of his life. Hicks said” Watching his dad bring home cars was pretty cool”. Amazingly, Hicks ended up working for Chrysler Group LLC after graduating from Kettering Univerisity. He had a BSME in 2008. Yet,  the job offer didn’t just come immediately.

He had done multiple co-ops with Chrysler as a college student. This allowed him to learn about the company and also do some networking. When he graduated, the company was experiencing recession and the car industry experience bad times. In 2011, a job opening became open and Hicks rushed into it.

Currently Hicks is in the Chryslerp Institute of Engineering program. As a manufacturing CIE he will work on 6 (4 month) rotations while getting an MS in energy systems engineering at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor Michigan.

Hicks says ” Looking at where the market is going, energy requires a lot of expertise,’ he says. “The people who understand energy will be the leaders of tomorrow. I’m looking to get as much knowledge about it as I can so I can move forward in my career.”

When he got into the workforce, Hicks hadto get used to a life of not being with people of his same age, but his co workers were of all ages and stages of life.

Every story has its bumps in the road. He had to wait for what he wanted like I did. I’m trying to get a job in mass communications. I’m a college graduate.

There’s more on the website:


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Misty Copeland, an African American, brings her ballet dancing to new heights!


Ballet is serious work.  It is like a gift of  discipline and  flexibility wrapped

in a bow. It’s as smooth as jazz, but it’s dancing. We all know that African

Americans deserve to be put on display for our talent. Misty Copeland is the

example because she is one of those black ballet dancers that’s doing it big. SHe’s struggled,

but is doing it big. She has lived in a single motel room with her mother and five siblings. She

will get the title of American Ballet Theatre’s first African American

soloist in 20 years. She has been recovering from an injury that puts her career at

jeopardy. She is one of 6 soloists in Wednesday’s matinee performance of Le

Corsaire at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

In an interview the New York Post, the 30 year old ballet star explained the moment’s

significance. “People say It’s 2013, you live in New York City, you’re being dramatic-but they

don’t understand the way the ballet world works. We’re completely behind the way

the world has evolved. Ballet is just kind of staid”.

The world of ballet is missing out for its lack of diversity. This is a continued concern with

many saying that access and grassroots as the problem’s source.  Copeland was 13 when she was

discovered by ballet instructor Cynthia Bradley and took about 4 years to complete training that

can extend up to 17 years. Also, she has a peculiar body build. She is more muscular and

curvaceous that her typical peer.

In the fall, Copeland had to suffer a black line fracture to her left shin

during practice. She had to go through surgery and several weeks of

physiotheraphy. Though she’s dancing around the level of 80%, she is

determined to perform at the Met this week. She told the New York Post”

For young African Americans to feel that they have a chance to see a brown

face on the stage-that ballet isn’t this white world that’s untouchable to them-

I think having that visual does so much. I think it’s so important for them to

see me and hear me”.

Indeed, Misty is right. Young black girls should start early in ballet.

It provides a foundation for greatness early on. Misty has a strong talent for the graceful world of

ballet dancing. Kudos to her and her skills.






ballet dancer