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I got my hair braided in circles!! Images inside

  • I went to get my hair done. It cost me 60 dollars.  I got my hair braided in circles. I love thie style.  Its new and different.

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I got my face painted and it shows off my style!

Tamarva's face painted

Well, I love things that are beautiful. I love being beautiful. I love to dress up and jazz up different body parts. This time I chose to jazz up my face. I went to a festival where this lady had a paint set. I asked her if she would use the colors red and green for my face paint. She agreed. She didn’t have a book of face paint designs and she
just went with the flow. I guess she just looked at me and
knew my style. Everybody she painted had a different design too. I love my face paint. This picture was a result of her wiping my face with a wipe, painting over my face, and brushing my face with a powder-like substance. It cost 5 dollars. And face painting is a great way to show off.

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My very short pixie hairstyle is suitable for my oval face shape!

unnamed (1)

It was a long drawn out process to get my hair done. At first my hair wouldn’t go straight or form curls. Now it does both. I went to a hairstylist. She used Pravana Detox Shampoo to remove any residue from my hair. Then, she used the PRavana Vivids Color Protect Conditoner and added castor oil to it. The castor oil was added due to my porous hair. The ratio was
2 tablespoons of conditioner to the 1/2 tablespoon of castor oil. She let the conditioner process under the dryer for 20 minutes. She rinsed my hair first with luke warm water, then cold water. Then, she styled my hair as usual into a pixie style. Oh, and let me not forget. SHe clipped my split ends. The style suited my oval shaped face. It was definitely meant for me to have. All you see is design. I have it curled in the smallest curls. The curls hug my head.
tamarva butler

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Here I am Sporting the Crimps Hairstyle for all eyes to see!


I love curls. Curls are even better than braids. hare lady-like and elegant.

I just want to show them off, put them on display for everyone to see.

Now I can curl my own hair and even do flip curls. I just never tried doing

crimps. I actually had my hair crimped professionally. The hairstylist

shampooed and conditioned my hair, gave me a deep conditioning

under the dryer, and blow dried it. She crimped it. I didn’t know if

I had to have a relaxer to get crimps.

This is my first time having crimps. I love the wavy, crimpy look.

It suits me. I got many compliments around campus. It made me feel

so good to hear the compliments. I felt even better knowing how I love

my hair and the compliments continue each day . I will be getting crimps

again in the future. I got the this hairstyle done Tuesday NOvember 19, 2013.

It’s just a few days before my birthday on November 24th. I got this done

as a birthday present to myself. How rewarding it is to get

my hair done.