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Albert White, African American builder who built Western Michigan University!


Do you know of any black builders off the top of your head?
Can you scan your brain for one? Well, Albert White was an African
American building contractor.

He and his men worked together to build a number of well
known structures in Kalamazoo history. Mr. White and
his workers built an addition to the original Borgess
Hospital. At that time it was in a house on Portage
Street. He also constructed the 3rd Kalamazoo Central
High School in 1898. He supervised the masonry work in
the building of the Administration Building East Hall,
which was the first building of the original campus of
Western Michigan University. Western Michigan University
was built in 1905 and still stands.

He moved to Kalamazoo and began working for a mason. He
begged his employer to teach him the trade but was initially
turned down. His employer changed his mind after White offered to
work for free for several months in exchange for learning the trade.
This agreement eventually turned into an apprenticeship that lasted
for seven years, followed by 2 years of working as a journeyman.

Albert White was 25 years of age when he started his own
construction contracting business. Over the next 30 years he would
be involved in many vital projects, including the building the 3rd
Kalamazoo Central High school, additions ot the Kalamazoo Paper Mill,
Plainwell High School, and the first Borgess Hospital on Portage Street.

This man was pretty resourceful and skilled. It goes to show you
that it takes sacrifice in order to get somewhere in life. Thus,
I produce this quote. Work hard so you can have it better later.

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Where you can find Books on black inventors……..

          Foto van Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in de hal van de kerk

             THe more us black people know our history, the better.  But its good when

everyone can know, but especially black people should know all about black inventors.

You should know the inventions built by the black man’s , black woman’s hands.

It is truly inspiring and makes me happy. As I continue to search and research

black inventors, I know its my passion. Black History is the best subject because

of black inventors and black people contributions.

              People teach it to your kids, black inventors made

 SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. I get happy with all the black

inventors I already know and the ones I’m learning. I’m going to go black history

pro. I’m going to learn so much black history that I know everything about

black history.

           NOw I’m going to get to the main purpose of what i’m Talking about.

Here is a site with some black inventors books:

I’m that’s not the only one But that’s one I’m going to talk about.

There is this book called : 1001  Things Everyone Should Know About

African American History.

ON another site at this url you can see a book about African American firsts

Therefore you see the first black man and black woman to be in government, politics and other

positions here:

             I love that title. WHy ? Because the more I learn about

black history the better. I can’t get enough of learning about black inventors,

black leaders, etc.

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The National Museum of African Art

            National Museum of African Art

                A very important day in history- September 28 is the day

which the National Museum of African Art is celebrated.

 Its located in Washington DC, was founded in 1964.

So yeah that goes to show that its important to look up

things by date at times.  Something great could have happened

on your birthday but you see those sites where you

can look up what event happened on your birthday.

            The National Museum gathers and showcases art

from Africa such as traditional masks and figures, textiles, costumes

jewelry, furniture and household objects, architectural elements,

modern sculpture, paintings, prints, and ceramics. Wow, a variety-

lovely. Oh, and then they have stools, headrests, baskets,vessels

and other utilitarian objects.

              So go there and you will see  a range of things.

They have pottery from central Africa and textiles

from sub-Saharan Africa.

Black history information found here:

National Museum of African Art

African American Music, National Museum of American History