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The Secret of the Stones, a magic book involving black children who turn back and forth from human to stones!


Photo credit: Anton Vakulenko via / CC BY-SA

I have wanted to write children’s stories for the longest.

I’ve always thought in order to write children’s I have to understand children.

I have to get inside the mind of a child. I know there are three things

important to a story: desire, obstacle, and resolution. These are

just three of the important things in a story. When I read “The Secret

of the Stones” I was truly amazed. Now let me give you a brief

synopsis. “The secret of the stones” is a story about a black

couple having no children.

They stumble upon two stones that

they take back home. These stones turned into a black orphan

boy and black orphan girl. They do all the cleaning and housework

while the black couple is out but disappear when they return.

They were spotted due to a neighbor. Yet, they had to get a

magic charm to make the children reappear briefly. Then,

they finally figure out how to take off the spell permanently,

so that the children never disappear. I love this happy story.

The whole concept of the story takes my mind to another place.

I wish this story was possible in real life. I describe the

story as mysterious. I had so much fun reading this.

The whole perspective is fresh and new. It impressed me

compared to the other children’s books I read but didn’t

get into. I rate this story a 10 out of 10 and it is number 1

out of my top 10.

The story is called “The Secret of the Stones” and it is

retold by Robert. D. San SOuci. The pictures

are by James Ransome. The publisher is Phyllis Fogelman

books and the state of publishing is New York.

Photo credit: Anton Vakulenko via / CC BY-SA

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THe Jabali Acrobats are African Acrobats that are so good they tour with the Harlem Globetrotters!

Jabali AcrobatsDo you know one way to get in  good shape? Do Acrobatics that is. It  gives the body a workout and flaunts flexibility. How many African acrobats do you know of? Do you at least know of the Jabali Acrobats?

These particular  Aacrobats are African Acrobats. They are originally from Mombassa, Kenya. They blend fast paced movement, music, dance, and acrobatic elegance to put on a full stage theatrical extravaganza.

Their most exciting performances shows the link between athletics and the arts. The  incredible acrobatics,contortions, tumbling, human pyramids, and chair balancing skill of these performers turns to dance, with the Congo Snake Dance, The Flaming Limbo Bar Dance, Skip Rope Footwork techniques and comedy to the most powerful music.

In addition to theatrical  performances, stage shows and festivals worldwide the Jabali Acrobats perform NBA and College halftimes and go visit places often with the Harlem Globetrotters. Other performances involve a special invitation to put on a show for President Clinton in the White House, the Big Top Universal Circus, the Big Apple Circus in New York, E.S.P.N Sports Television Network, Crook and Chase Show, and the Late Night with David Letterman.

So, have you seen this group? Have you seen them in person? I would love to see them perform. Two thumbs up to them for mastering acrobatics.

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Pearl Primus, a black woman who’s signature dance move was leaping 5 feet in the air!


How well can you dance? How often do you dance? What type of dance
do you do? For me, I do the Charleston. I do the fosse walks, Jazz runs,
jazz walks, and plie. It’s all for dance class. Jazz dance is so fun,
I’m looking for me. Fortunately, I have the means to do those types
of dance. I’m learning about arm position, foot position, posture, etc.
Yet, I’ve never took a leap into the air.

Well Pearl Primus, is a black woman whose signature dance move is leaping
5 feet in the air. She founded her OWN dance company. Okay, so she
is running the show. She doing it hard like Showtime at the Apollo.Critics
called her moves forceful and controlled. You know, that’s when you put
much energy into what you doing, but not overdo it, or hold back.
Dance is discipline.That’s just what it is.

Her inspiration for dance? Racial issues and black writers.
She got a scholarship from the Julius. Rosenwald Foundation
so she could study dance and release all that emotion and
fuel she had on the inside.

She was drawn to dance based on African stonecutters,
Carribean religious practices, and rural life in American

And it is quite nice to find someone in your own field.
She married a dancer who is also a choreographer.

She got some dance background to back her up:
MA in NEw York University
National Dance Company
PHD in Dance Education

She was the chair of Five COlleges dance consortium.
With her original company Pearl Primus Dance Institute, she
combined African American, Carribean, African dances with
modern and ballet dances. What a blend!

President Bush honored her with the National Medal of
Arts. Bravo to her knockout dancing! I wish I could
dance like that. Somebody help me ha ha ha!

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Black couple disguise themself to boost their way to freedom, with biracial woman disguising herself to be a white man and the black man pretending to be her servant

The Black Slave
Black couple escapes slavery

Ellen and William Craft was like any other escaped slaves I
read about so Far. Instead of enduring the harshest conditions,
they actually experiencedThe luxury while on their mission to
escape. Mr. and Mrs. Craft traveled Amongst the first class
trains, ate with the steamboat captain, and Lounged around the
best hotels. This was all during their escape to

You asked how did they do it? Black people are known for
being clever, Superintelligent human beings. We have a history
of it. Ellen, just so Happen to have a fair complexion,
pretended to be a white cotton planter
Traveling with her slave William. Yet, Ellen insisted on closing the curtains
On her race, gender, and social status on this brief trip to freedom.
They even wrote a book called “Thousand Miles for Freedom, inviting you
To take a look at their journey to freedom.

William was just 16 when his master put him up for sale. That was too young,
But slavery shouldn’t exist anyway. My motto is “Stop treating people like
Product.” William was a skilled cabinetmaker, who saw his 14 year old
Sister being sold off. Ellen was often seen as white member of the family
Because she was biracial. You know how some bi-racial people turn out so
Yellow toned and others shades lighter. Well, she just turned out to be on
The lighter lighter shade of the spectrum.

Also, Ellen had to use props to disguise herself as a man, because it is
Not typical of women to travel with male servants. And to make it even easier
For these people to leave, it worked in their favor that they got Christmas time
Passes to leave without raising great suspicion. William, was actually allowed to
Keep some of his money.
William, Ellen’s hubby, cut her hair to neck length. She just put her
Right arm in a sling, which gave her an excuse of why she shouldn’t have
To sign a registry or other papers. This story is similar to Henry Box
Brown and how he pretended to be injured to escape to freedom.
The couple could not read or write. Ellen got William to wrap her face
With bandages around the majority of her face so she would only have
Limited interaction with strangers. Her get up- Men’s trousers, green
Spectacles, and a top hat.
Ellen bought the tickets to Savannah, an area about 200
Miles away. William took his seat in the negro car. He saw the owner
Of the cabinetmaking shop. The man questioned the ticket seller,
Then the man was looking through the windows of the cars.
William panicked, turned his face from the window and shrank
In his seat. The man searched the car Ellen was sitting in, but
Didn’t give any grief to the bandaged person. He was going to
Go to William’s car, but the bell clanged and the train lurched off.

Ellen observed her seat mate was her master’s friend. This was
A dinner guest Ellen had known for many years. She thought he
Had been sent to capture her, but he said “It is a very fine morning
Sir” and she was calmed. She didn’t want to talk to him much,
So she pretended to be deaf.

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Dr.Thomas Mensah is a black man known for inventing 7 types of pioneering inventions in Fiber Optics Technology!!

Full Moon, Distorted (NASA, International Space Station, 07/30/2007)

All it takes is a thought…..then you put that thought to use…
That is the way everything becomes real.

This is why I’m always on the look out for black inventors.
I might as well work in a black history museum…I’m so stuck
on what black people made/did I’m attached at the hip. Black
history is with me everywhere Because I’m conscious of things
that black people have done to contribute to society.

Therefore I present to you a present great Black man who
invented something special. Dr. Thomas Mensah is one of
the best minds of the 21st century said by Ebony
Magazine as a genius, having 7 pioneering inventions
in Fiber Optics Technology all awarded in 6 years.

His innovations were important to the Broadband and Fiber
Optics infrastructure deployment in the United States.

Dr. Thomas Mensah is one of the leaders in advanced materials
that find applications in Aerospace, High Speed Rail, Windmill
blade structures, and highly efficent cars. His current work
in nano technology will change the next generation batteries
for electric vehicles and laptop computers. And yes I said
laptop computers, one of my favorite little gadgets.

Dr. Mensah is one of the early proponents of High Speed
Rail in America that combines effectively with other types
of transportation to lessen greenhouse pollution. Dr. Mensah
was title 100 engineers of the Modern Era, select out of 1000
leading engineers by the American Institute of Chemical

He is the editor of 2 symposium book series, Fiber Optics
Engineering, 1987 and Superconductor Engineering, 1992.
Dr. Thomas Mensah’s technical contribution has made
major impact on several industries, specifically energy
enviornment, defense, transportation, and electronics
to name a few.

He received Turner’s Trumpet Awards for
Fiber Optics Innovation, Golden Torch Award, the highest
award by NSBE, and Eminent Engineers award by ALChE.
Ebony Magazine Oct 2006 and the Chemical ENgineering
Progress Magazine showcases him.

Dr. Thomas Mensah is a top leader in Green Energy and
Sustainable development and took on the role as keynote
speaker at the United Nations World Energy Forum in
New York , September 2009. Also, he is a member of the
Advisory Council of the UN Forum. Dr. Mensah is a
member of the Executive Committee of the Nano Scale
Engineering Forum.

And it don’t stop…He is the Deputy Director for Technology
Region 2 for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
member and Chairman of the Atlanta Chapter, Member of the
Board of AICHE Foundation, and member of the board for
the NASA Space Grant Consortium at Georgia Institute
of Technology. Mensah has published widely and speaks
greatly on Innovation and competitiveness in America.

Anyone heard of him yet? Or not?

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The most Convenient Things About Life is Good for your Health!!

The Most Convenient Things about Life

rihanna Pictures, Images and Photos

-Music Videos such as Rude Boy (see picture above), it makes me excercise harder and faster. It’s a powerful song, especially this
song but music is powerful in general.

-Having a Job Across the Street from Where you live

-Graduating College early

-Starting hobbies early like ballet, tap dance, gymnastics,
professional roller skating..I wish I would have started all
these early…Now I do none of them.

-Having a short labor

-Having a hairdresser for a mom

-Getting hired for a job on the spot

-Learning from someone else’s mistake to avoid yours

-Having a 4.0 gpa

-Having a house with a sidedoor and a front door, and
even a back door…..I used to live in a duplex
with only one door. Me and mom thought this was a
fire hazard. Now we got a sidedoor and front door.
We have a mail slot, garage, fencing, windows in bathrooms,
We have the sliding doors, sliding windows, well sealed
toilet..God is great!

-Being a nutritionist

-Long hair instead of short hair because you can style it
with more versatility. I will find that blog but someone said
that they only wash and condition their hair once a month
and let it stay it braids and their hair grew to their waist.

-Attending college because mom gets paid for me to go
to college.

-Staying off campus, because it’s too much work living in a

-Doing your own hair, it’s costly to have others do it.
THe easiest hair to do is long hair.

-Splurge days, having 2 days where you can eat like
crazy and not feel guilty about it. It works for me.
Does it work for others? It works for me because
I excercise (boxing) for an hour and sometimes
a little over. I eat light through the week though.
I eat multiple fruits then I eat a regular meal.
This is to maintain it. WHen I was losing weight
I was eating meatloaf and a salad and oh my
goodness, the taste both blend together in

-Knowing foreign languages because you get hired
quicker and if someone is talking in secret by
using a non English language you can catch
what they are saying..

-Being an adult, because you understand life better.
When you are a kid, you walk the world confused.

-Having a job with benefits. Where did they go?

-Attending college in the city you live in…

-Knowing who you deal with right away, if you
had a superpower to scan someone’s personality
and actions to see how they would respond
to different situations….But then God is
always great at that, great at everything!

-Getting a new hairstyle every week. Then people
wonder what they will see next. I make the greatest
effort to do it.

-You’ve already graduated. I have a blessed cousin
who graduate college. I only graduated high school
which is a blessing as well…but graduating college
is the ultimate.

-You can balance college and a social life without
slipping up.

-You are a math genius…it seems like once math
is tackled, what else is hard in school?

-Timers, so if you forget to do something that bell
will remind you.

– Hats/scarves so if your hair is not exactly like you
want it, you can design it with those. I’ve done it
at times, but most of the time I’m showing off my
hair. I feel like it’s less baggage when it’s all me.

-Having a full ride scholarship

-Being Black, it’s the most beautiful race, more
youthful. I am so proud to be.

-Save the best for last, a Life with GOD in it…

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If you haven’t Heard of the Black Matrix, discover how it is the mass manipulation of Black people because of secret white racist!!!

dg1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Have you not heard of the Willie letter?
How it is use to put black people against
each other men vs women, light vs. brown ?
If not, you need to catch up. For those
who know, something similar is still going on.
It’s been going on for the longest time.

It’s important to understand the
sick mind we are dealing with. So in order
to understand lunatics, we must outsmart
them, go around them, undo
their sick sad work!

When we watch the news, read the
newspaper or even listen to the radio
they are trying to present their racist
notions about us black people. It’s all
in fun and jealousy!The more they
worry about us, that just goes to
show you how brilliant we are!

I see the black race as the most
charismatic, beautiful, sexy, intelligent,
great warm personality,best physical
features, best cooking, best style,
best models, best genes, youngest
looking, the most class, just so
doggone good at everything!

Yet, the government wants to make sure
they are always in control. This is
why they try to separate us black people.
Back in the day it was segregation amongs
white and black.

Now it’s kinda like they want us to segregate
amongst ourselves. Even
though that has been going on in the past,
it is really the defining moment
now. THey want you to respect
them, whites! Yet, not we, the
people, in our own race!–a-real-life-black-matrix.html