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Pearl Primus, a black woman who’s signature dance move was leaping 5 feet in the air!


How well can you dance? How often do you dance? What type of dance
do you do? For me, I do the Charleston. I do the fosse walks, Jazz runs,
jazz walks, and plie. It’s all for dance class. Jazz dance is so fun,
I’m looking for me. Fortunately, I have the means to do those types
of dance. I’m learning about arm position, foot position, posture, etc.
Yet, I’ve never took a leap into the air.

Well Pearl Primus, is a black woman whose signature dance move is leaping
5 feet in the air. She founded her OWN dance company. Okay, so she
is running the show. She doing it hard like Showtime at the Apollo.Critics
called her moves forceful and controlled. You know, that’s when you put
much energy into what you doing, but not overdo it, or hold back.
Dance is discipline.That’s just what it is.

Her inspiration for dance? Racial issues and black writers.
She got a scholarship from the Julius. Rosenwald Foundation
so she could study dance and release all that emotion and
fuel she had on the inside.

She was drawn to dance based on African stonecutters,
Carribean religious practices, and rural life in American

And it is quite nice to find someone in your own field.
She married a dancer who is also a choreographer.

She got some dance background to back her up:
MA in NEw York University
National Dance Company
PHD in Dance Education

She was the chair of Five COlleges dance consortium.
With her original company Pearl Primus Dance Institute, she
combined African American, Carribean, African dances with
modern and ballet dances. What a blend!

President Bush honored her with the National Medal of
Arts. Bravo to her knockout dancing! I wish I could
dance like that. Somebody help me ha ha ha!

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Black couple disguise themself to boost their way to freedom, with biracial woman disguising herself to be a white man and the black man pretending to be her servant

The Black Slave
Black couple escapes slavery

Ellen and William Craft was like any other escaped slaves I
read about so Far. Instead of enduring the harshest conditions,
they actually experiencedThe luxury while on their mission to
escape. Mr. and Mrs. Craft traveled Amongst the first class
trains, ate with the steamboat captain, and Lounged around the
best hotels. This was all during their escape to

You asked how did they do it? Black people are known for
being clever, Superintelligent human beings. We have a history
of it. Ellen, just so Happen to have a fair complexion,
pretended to be a white cotton planter
Traveling with her slave William. Yet, Ellen insisted on closing the curtains
On her race, gender, and social status on this brief trip to freedom.
They even wrote a book called “Thousand Miles for Freedom, inviting you
To take a look at their journey to freedom.

William was just 16 when his master put him up for sale. That was too young,
But slavery shouldn’t exist anyway. My motto is “Stop treating people like
Product.” William was a skilled cabinetmaker, who saw his 14 year old
Sister being sold off. Ellen was often seen as white member of the family
Because she was biracial. You know how some bi-racial people turn out so
Yellow toned and others shades lighter. Well, she just turned out to be on
The lighter lighter shade of the spectrum.

Also, Ellen had to use props to disguise herself as a man, because it is
Not typical of women to travel with male servants. And to make it even easier
For these people to leave, it worked in their favor that they got Christmas time
Passes to leave without raising great suspicion. William, was actually allowed to
Keep some of his money.
William, Ellen’s hubby, cut her hair to neck length. She just put her
Right arm in a sling, which gave her an excuse of why she shouldn’t have
To sign a registry or other papers. This story is similar to Henry Box
Brown and how he pretended to be injured to escape to freedom.
The couple could not read or write. Ellen got William to wrap her face
With bandages around the majority of her face so she would only have
Limited interaction with strangers. Her get up- Men’s trousers, green
Spectacles, and a top hat.
Ellen bought the tickets to Savannah, an area about 200
Miles away. William took his seat in the negro car. He saw the owner
Of the cabinetmaking shop. The man questioned the ticket seller,
Then the man was looking through the windows of the cars.
William panicked, turned his face from the window and shrank
In his seat. The man searched the car Ellen was sitting in, but
Didn’t give any grief to the bandaged person. He was going to
Go to William’s car, but the bell clanged and the train lurched off.

Ellen observed her seat mate was her master’s friend. This was
A dinner guest Ellen had known for many years. She thought he
Had been sent to capture her, but he said “It is a very fine morning
Sir” and she was calmed. She didn’t want to talk to him much,
So she pretended to be deaf.

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Prodigyrls is a collection of professional career oriented black dolls to inspire black children!

Black dolls

Prodigyrls is a new thing…not like what I’ve ever heard
before. The name itself sounds like a success. I would love
to see a commercial of it. It sounds like something that
could form trends. People everywhere will be asking
did you get your prodigyrls dolls yet?

The reason why I love Prodigyrls is because it shows
little black girls that they are special. I mean they grow
up to be the MOST beautiful women anyways. We are
watched for our uniqueness……let that settle in your
mind. Take it and run with it like a baseball player
doing a homerun.

Prodigyrls is a line of dolls with real genuine facial
features, skin tones, hair, and has many accomplishments
along with them.

Nicole is a black doll which has brown skin and thick
curly hair. She wears pink scrubs and a white lab coat.

Janelle is a black chef doll…she is very enthusiastic about
diet and excercise.

Joy is all about justice. She has a honey colored tone and
golden brown type of wavy hair.

Denise is a black doll interested in chemistry…Why?
She wants to learn how to detangle hair. Therefore,
after months of trial and error she comes up with
a formula for the detangling problem.

The Dr. Daniela Wiggins is a black woman and
Anesthesiologist really disappointed about the lack
of quality black dolls for her daughter. So she
developed her own line of Black dolls with different
hair styles and things of that nature.

I sure I am tired of the lack of black dolls…So I really
adore that this woman did this….She is the type of
person you write about…but oh duh….Im jotting
about her in this post….

She is a true inspiration to black people, especially
black girls and black babies. OUR black people will
enjoy it!

What I particularly love about these dolls is that
they show diversity in hairstyles so that shows
them freedom to look like they look naturally.
In addition, it is more than a set of black dolls,
these dolls are dolls with stories of aspirations
and goals! Take a goal, keep a goal!

Does your child have one of these dolls already
or a black doll in general?

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Dr.Thomas Mensah is a black man known for inventing 7 types of pioneering inventions in Fiber Optics Technology!!

Full Moon, Distorted (NASA, International Space Station, 07/30/2007)

All it takes is a thought…..then you put that thought to use…
That is the way everything becomes real.

This is why I’m always on the look out for black inventors.
I might as well work in a black history museum…I’m so stuck
on what black people made/did I’m attached at the hip. Black
history is with me everywhere Because I’m conscious of things
that black people have done to contribute to society.

Therefore I present to you a present great Black man who
invented something special. Dr. Thomas Mensah is one of
the best minds of the 21st century said by Ebony
Magazine as a genius, having 7 pioneering inventions
in Fiber Optics Technology all awarded in 6 years.

His innovations were important to the Broadband and Fiber
Optics infrastructure deployment in the United States.

Dr. Thomas Mensah is one of the leaders in advanced materials
that find applications in Aerospace, High Speed Rail, Windmill
blade structures, and highly efficent cars. His current work
in nano technology will change the next generation batteries
for electric vehicles and laptop computers. And yes I said
laptop computers, one of my favorite little gadgets.

Dr. Mensah is one of the early proponents of High Speed
Rail in America that combines effectively with other types
of transportation to lessen greenhouse pollution. Dr. Mensah
was title 100 engineers of the Modern Era, select out of 1000
leading engineers by the American Institute of Chemical

He is the editor of 2 symposium book series, Fiber Optics
Engineering, 1987 and Superconductor Engineering, 1992.
Dr. Thomas Mensah’s technical contribution has made
major impact on several industries, specifically energy
enviornment, defense, transportation, and electronics
to name a few.

He received Turner’s Trumpet Awards for
Fiber Optics Innovation, Golden Torch Award, the highest
award by NSBE, and Eminent Engineers award by ALChE.
Ebony Magazine Oct 2006 and the Chemical ENgineering
Progress Magazine showcases him.

Dr. Thomas Mensah is a top leader in Green Energy and
Sustainable development and took on the role as keynote
speaker at the United Nations World Energy Forum in
New York , September 2009. Also, he is a member of the
Advisory Council of the UN Forum. Dr. Mensah is a
member of the Executive Committee of the Nano Scale
Engineering Forum.

And it don’t stop…He is the Deputy Director for Technology
Region 2 for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
member and Chairman of the Atlanta Chapter, Member of the
Board of AICHE Foundation, and member of the board for
the NASA Space Grant Consortium at Georgia Institute
of Technology. Mensah has published widely and speaks
greatly on Innovation and competitiveness in America.

Anyone heard of him yet? Or not?

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Well we already know some Negro Spirituals, so now let’s comprehend them!

Harriet Tubman, photograph by H. B. Lindsley, c.1880

It is commonly known that Lift Every Voice and Sing is the Black National Anthem and has so much history. I doubt that very few people don’t know the whole song. But anyways, it is a prideful contribution to Black History and all the obstacles we have overcome as well as the achievements of our ancestors.

With every great thing, there needs to be analyzation for deeper meaning and

Both tunes and beats of negro spirituals and Gospel Songs derived
from cultural enviornment. The beginning set of negro spirituals were
inspired by ofcourse African music.
Some of those tunes were known
as “Shouts” which went alongside with hand clapping and foot tapping.

Shouts involved this:

After regular worship service ended,
congregations stuck around for what
they called a “ring shout”. It was a
survival of the primitive type of African dance. THerefore, educated preaches and members placed their ban on it. Men and women situated themselves together in a ring. The music began, for example with a Spiritual and the ring began to move, slow, then quickly. THe same musical phrase was sounded over and over hourly THis created a state of being overjoyed. Women scream and fell down. Men,
got very tired and dropped out of the ring. So yes, that is what we call a

Some African American religious singing at this period was known as a “moan” or even a “groan. mOaning
or groaning is not something that represents pain. This was a kind of blissful version of a song, combined with humming and spontaneous melodic variation.

Beginning in the early 19th century, Black people were taking part in the
Second Awakening. Our peoples gathered together in camp meetings
and sang without the use of a hymnbook. People were composing
the most spontaneous songs in that
very moment. So you could just call
them lyrical geniuses. THese were
spiritual songs nad the word sperichil
showed up for the first time in the
“Slave Songs of the United States”.

Negro Spirituals were definitely Christian songs.For instance, the “dark days of bondage” had a great hope and
strong faith that God will always be with the slaves. During the time of slavery and even later, the workers and slaves sang work songs. This
In this case, they had to organize their efforts to carry off a fallen tree
or heavy load.

Prisoners were even allowed to sing “chain gang” songs while they were fixing on the road or some
other kind of construction project.

Drivers could sing quiet songs as long
as they did not go against slaveholders. These songs were sung by one person or a group of slaves. The people were singing these songs as a way to express deep feelings and
cheering one another on. These songs even contained a hidden message.

Those codes ofcourse had benefits for those enslaved. IT expressed a way of escaping to freedom.

HOme represents heaven, but it specifically means a sweet and free country for slaves.

Fugitives used “chariot” or “train”.
Two Black Spirituals, “THe Gospel Train”
and “Swing Low, sweet chariot” stands for the Underground Railroad, a way that frees the slaves.

Well, we have many times heard “Swing low, sweet chariot”, but
somehow the Gospel Train escapes me.
THe song goes like this “SHe is coming..get on board…there is room for many more.

Now, let’s get out our bibles please.
The “balm in Gilead is directly connected to this great book.
This spiritual is stated in the Old
testament, but is talking about the
New Testament. In the Old testament, the balm of Gilead is unable to heal
sinners. Yet, in the New Testament,
Jesus heals everyone who comes to him.

The point is these spirituals touch
the hearts of our ancestors, so they
have a special meaning to us in general. They once lived and it’s
important we understand what they
went through to know how they survived. It’s important to know this
to understand how clever and strong willed and strong they were. So I’m
happy indeed to have more knowledge
of black history under my belt, so very happy!
There’s more information to capture…

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You don’t have to be the broke college student, you can be the money making college student!


You ready for this money? lol Get some!
It takes a skill or effort to make money. Sometimes
resources of how to make money are right over
your head.

But for now, Go ahead, imagine yourself in front of a pile of money.
The goal is to get as much you can in a timed session.
How much do you think you can get in 5 minutes?Now that
that's over.....

Well fellow readers, I was looking online for some ways
to make money on college campus.

1. You could sell your plasma to make money. When I went to donate blood plasma, I almost
fainted because I did not each much. So do eat a full breakfast. My left
arm ofcourse is hard to poke with the needle. I always like to watch the needle
go into my arm. There is no looking away from me.

2. Participate in a Research Study. THere are colleges
that actually pay you for doing a research study. THe studies
come in various shapes and forms. Some studies will require
you to fill out surveys. Others will ask you to try out product
or treatment.

3. Get a job passing out fliers. They may ask you to put
the fliers on apartment doors or put them on car windshields.

4.Another option is to Tutor. Be an official tutor for your
college. I had heard that the college paid the music theory
tutor to tutor students.

5. Photography can pull the money in. If you are good at taking
pcitures, students at the college may need wedding pictures or
graduation pictures.

6. Sell stuff you don't need. You can sell these products/items
on ebay or craigslist. Have your own garage sale if your up for it.
There are times where free section on Craiglist and sell them
at a decent profit.

7. Another option is to get a part time job on campus. They can
be easy campus reserve jobs just for students. They build around
your schedule because they work with you well. They don't
want you slipping up.

8. You could sell your sporting event tickets. IF you want
to sell this tickets to non college students for a college
with a big sports program.

9. Blogging your way to money. THis site talks about how sites
give you money for your blog: found this site myself.

10. Recycling can roll in the green paper. Go ahead and clean
your campus up. Get the bottles and the cans together into an

11. Becoming a TA can lead you to getting money. Departments and
professors will pay students for this role of being a TA. CHeck with
your major's department for listings.

12. Get involved in research. Some professors offer the opportunity
to do paid research assistanceships to fortunate undegrad students.
Oh, and it's like taking out two birds with one stone. It gets you
paid cash and is a great asset to have on your resume.

13. You can sell your class notes. I can honestly say I would have never
thought of this one. People may be out of town and need someone
to take notes for them. Or someone may have an event to tend to,
or activity so you can get money from that.

14. Sell candy/pop to your classmates. Well if you get any
deals on your candy pop, I can see this as making a profit
if you sell it for money. But I was thinking that the price
would have to be really low when you buy to get a big
price back. I don't know, ya'll think on that one.

Anyways, I'm tired of the term broke college student. So let's make
money on college. They are going to have to change it to the
resourceful college student. On the other hand they could call
it the money flow college student. Oh, since you have the ideas
to get paid, go out and do some, all of them and be blessed!

I got my ideas from the person
who wrote this site:

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Praise Dance at Bethel Gospel Assembly Church in New YOrk, a spot to check out when you are in New York!

Pressure Point Praise Dancers

(The following picture is not a picture of the praise dancers at Bethel Gospel Assembly)

BEthel Gospel Assembly, A Pentecostal Church in Harlem showing off their praise dance

There’s nothing more glorious than dancing for the Lord. It looks
like it would be very rewarding on the inside. The church I attend
is Greater Works Deliverance Ministries in Romulus Michigan.

They have praise dancers. We can all see the spirit behind the dancing. You just feel it, like you feel a strong that evokes emotion. One of the most emotional Gospel songsis Thank you Lord. How would someone praise dance to that?There’s a lot of great songs to praise dance to.

But I would just like to turn your attention to this Black church
in New York. The atmosphere they set up:
Teenage ballerinas and midraff baring hip hoppers gather together
in the halls of the New Dance Group building in Midtown Manhattan.
In this group you will see twenty five women bowed on their knews
in circle position, eyes closed, foreheads to the floor.

Wendy Heagy, the founder of Raise Him Up Praise Dance School and Ministry leads the group in prayer. The class is mostly our Black people from ages 20 to mid 60s, dressed up in warm up clothes and have scriptures written on the backs of their T-shirts.We all know they had to go in and out with style.

Ms. Heagy starts by leading with a secular warm up of head rolls with feet
in parallel second position. The upbeat jazz version of the Lord’s Prayer
accompanies their dance ministry on the stereo. Ms. Heagy is both
soothing and demanding as a teacher. Her requests are to pull in your
stomach and squeeze your butt.

Praise dance is deep, and a form of worshippng God that seeks to articulate the word and spirit of God by using the body. Even in biblical times,dancing was embraced during festivals and worships. Unfortunately,
it was forced out of the Christian church at the Reformation era
and has been welcomed back in the 20 of so past years. So that’s a
little history for you.

Fact: In recent years, praise dance has become a very popular part
of church services across the country, especially among America’s
growing Pentecostal movement and has been taken to New York too.
Note:1 in 10 people in New York is pentecostal anyways.

A lot of praise dance ministries include American sign language
to sign out scripture during a song.

In New York, many many churches have added praise movement
ministries to their worship services such as the Greater Allen A.M.E
Cathedral in Jamaica QUeens.It is a powerful dance ministry with over
400 dancers, along with other churches in or close to the city like
Mount Calvary Holy Church on State Island, City Gate International
Church in East Harlem, Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport on Long
Island and Bibleway Healing Assembly in upstate Henrietta. So…
if you visiting the New York area, something to think about.

Ms.Heady’s Choreography is blend of modern, African and jazz movement
that comes through prayer.

THe church dances to the song “He’s Been Faithful” by the Christiansinger Vicki Yohe to represent blessing, honor, glory, power,
wisdom, and dominion. At the cue of blessing,both hands start at the mouth and the arms then fan out in
a sun shape. At the cue of power, arms areraised equal distance apart with fists clenched. For wisdom, fingers touch the temple and come to
meet in the center.

So when people praise dance it’s a representation of a theme.
It can be many themes. What do you interpret from praise

Would you ever praise dance? I wish I could praise dance. I know I could with practice. Praise dance to me
is like a spirit and an attitude. What do you get from it?

The facial expressions of the people in my church are so
intense. It’s like they are one with God in the dance.Praise dance is body and spirit. The body feels the spirit in the praise dance. You could feel like your
jogging through time through a spiritual journey.

I remember even imitating some moves of praisedance I saw in videos and got a good feel of it.I was thinking wow, it’s very impressive and