The Secret of the Stones, a magic book involving black children who turn back and forth from human to stones!


Photo credit: Anton Vakulenko via / CC BY-SA

I have wanted to write children’s stories for the longest.

I’ve always thought in order to write children’s I have to understand children.

I have to get inside the mind of a child. I know there are three things

important to a story: desire, obstacle, and resolution. These are

just three of the important things in a story. When I read “The Secret

of the Stones” I was truly amazed. Now let me give you a brief

synopsis. “The secret of the stones” is a story about a black

couple having no children.

They stumble upon two stones that

they take back home. These stones turned into a black orphan

boy and black orphan girl. They do all the cleaning and housework

while the black couple is out but disappear when they return.

They were spotted due to a neighbor. Yet, they had to get a

magic charm to make the children reappear briefly. Then,

they finally figure out how to take off the spell permanently,

so that the children never disappear. I love this happy story.

The whole concept of the story takes my mind to another place.

I wish this story was possible in real life. I describe the

story as mysterious. I had so much fun reading this.

The whole perspective is fresh and new. It impressed me

compared to the other children’s books I read but didn’t

get into. I rate this story a 10 out of 10 and it is number 1

out of my top 10.

The story is called “The Secret of the Stones” and it is

retold by Robert. D. San SOuci. The pictures

are by James Ransome. The publisher is Phyllis Fogelman

books and the state of publishing is New York.

Photo credit: Anton Vakulenko via / CC BY-SA

The Black dolls collector’s site… could never have enough black dolls!


INtroducing THE BlACK  dolls collection
               There are all sorts of beautiful wonderful classic
black dolls for the needs of our Black people, whether
adult,teen, or child. These are some of the best doll
images for black children to see. US Black people
must present these positive black doll images
to encourage black kids.
           One doll that specifically cataches my attention
first is Tra La la luvly. THis black doll comes with
flowers. I have not seen many dolls that come with
flowers. Yet,This exquisite doll is 26 inches. She
comes with butterflies and tulips.
Fun Felisha is another black doll on the site
I feel the need to shine light on. She has bedtime slippers,
a blanket and a beach theme.
           Another Black doll is dressed up as a gardener. The Black doll is
rocking the hooded bright floral jacket.
  Fourth, this Black doll called Zoom Zoom
 is equipped with a plush car and a blanket.
This black doll kinda looks like he has twists in his hair.
                 And oh, another black doll I want to point out is “CHILLIN”.
She is a doll that has the twistout pattern hair. She has
an embroided skater emblem on her shirt.
               Butterscotch is a new 2007 black doll. Her dress is purple and
yellow. She is of the most elegant nature, dressed  to the T.
I would love these kinda black dolls to get commercial
airplay. I’m going into mass media and I dream of putting these
type of dolls on tv. These kind of Black doll images should
fill the black child’s room. Black is beautiful we know and
always have been we know. It’s getting these images
more attention that needs work. You’ve read my words,
now it’s about the visuals. CHeck those black dolls out!

My Black people,Berea college makes it convenient, all it’s students get 4 years worth of FREE COLLEGE!

Admissions office for Berea College

(Above picture is Berea College Office of Admissions)

Berea college is a college that gives you
an opportunity to get free schooling.
Yes, the college pays for 4 years of your
schooling. All they ask is that you
work 10 hours a week and that ain’t
much. So I see somebody really wants
people to succeed so they made it easy.
It’s a dream to go to college free. How
many colleges actually do this? I can’t
think of many.
           I hope I have helped all the readers.
This is your easy way out if you  don’t
want the loans and having to finance
all that money colleges ask for.
            This has to be one of the best
colleges just for the free tuition alone.
I will look more into this college though.
So whether you want to move to
Kentucky to attend the college or
just have some information. Here
it is. I hope I’ve helped all my readers
and if not all, at least some. So think
about it, is there where you want to
attend school?
The official website of the college talks about it’s 4 year tuition
scholarship paying for YOUR free college.
Here is the video talking about this free college:

Have you heard of It’s a site where you get more media to black issues like missing black people, serious situations etc (Black women, Black men, Black children)



 (The above picture is a picture I got from is an ideal site.

It touches base on the black issues like

black people who have gone missing,

or any other situation that needs

attention and help. As we know the

media does not cover enough black stories.

             IT’s like if they hear of

these black stories, they keep it quiet

 like they are hiding these issues

in a safe or in a closet.

            But exposes what

the mainstream media will not

show. Jia is the lovely lady in charge

of the site who has made a wonderful

contribution of time, effort, and skill.

         Her site is truly something to cherish. So go ahead

to her site, get informed, and see if you have seen any of these people.

               It’s great if you have seen them,

but even if you have not seen them at least,

it’s great that you read their real life story.

Again, I would like to encourage you to subscribe.

Know this also, you can even submit stuff

about black people that needs attention

(serious situations of gone missing, or

anything else serious.) Jia, who came up with the

site is all about helping as you can see.

                 So here is the link:


African Children’s Choir singing This Little Light of mine and Lean on me-A performance not to miss!

   African kids singing Walking in the Light. They are the Arican
Children’s Choir. They are wearing gold and purple ,all the African
attire. “THis little light of mine. I’m going to let it shine”.
Ohhhhhhhhhh, walking in the light of mine, the choir sings.
There is this one African child leading the whole group as a true
captain.  THey are as adorable as ever. I just love their performance.
And there movements are dazzling. I definitely put this video
in my favorites list on youtube.
I wanted to see more of those beautiful kids singing so I
went to another one of their videos . They are singing
Lean on Me: