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Plenty of yarn pictures that’s good on the eyes!!!


Magic Yarn Ball Swap
green sock yarns
Tiger Handspun Yarn
New yarn- yum
Sock Yarn
Sock yarn winding party
Sock Yarn
Lang Yarns - From Amsterdam

Handspun Sunshine Yarns sw merino in Drift
Rainbow Ribbon/Yarn for Etsy Swap Madness

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African American woman Kitty Black Perkins created mattel doll designs!

Black dolls
I’m glad for every black doll I see. Every black child needs
to see that image. Kitty Black Perkins is the black woman who brings
that image to life.

She is the chief Designer of Fashions
and Doll Concepts for Mattel’s most successful
barbie line. Perkin’s is the perfect example of
vigor (energy, power). Ms. Perkins has given
and given to Barbie’s 300 million plus fashions.
She is the genius behind their fashion.

Perkins is a resident of South Carolina.
She is one out of 7 children. Her big dream
came true because she became a commercial
artists when her aunt in California asked
her to come after high school graduation.

1976, Perkins was enthralled with a classified
ad for a fashion designer for the largest toy company
in the world, Mattel. And one of the many advantages
she has is that she gets to travel around the world.
It sounds like fun. That’s a way to spice life up.

One of her many lines is the African American
fashion dolls Shanni and Friends,1991,
Fashion Savvy, 1997, and the Brandy
line that is the most recent.

If you are in the area of South Carolina, you might
want to check out a specialy designed doll created
by Perkins. It’s in the South Carolina State Museum.

She has been given the spotlight by magazines
like Ebony,Essence, La Magazine, Woman’s Day,
and Sister to Sister. Her honors are stacked up
and her talent is notable. Specifiically, she has won
the Chairman’s Award,which is the highest
recognition a Mattel employee can get.

And to go with that, she was honored with a high
achievement award, the Doty Award. Woman of the
Year is another title she got at the Woman Keeping
the Dream Alive banquet. It was July 23, 2001 that
she was inducted into the Black Hall of Fame.
How much more great does it get?

Perkins’ selfless acts include putting a chunk
of her time and energy back into the community.
She has volunteered to speak at Career
Day Events and has put her efforts into
raising more than $100,000 for charitable
fund raisers.

Wrapping it up, will you ever look at a
Mattel doll the same?

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Black talent: A group of Black teens drumming-they’re incredible


The black teens are drumming. They

got to so much style to their drumming,

I call it splendid. The audience gathered

around listening and paying.
Oh, it takes my mind to the my high school’s

parade that I listened to when the

students were marching in the streets. It is certainly great how

certain moments can make you remember

things. They are in unison and switch
to one person playing. They

really got this organized very very
well, as organized as a conductor

instructing but in this case they

are playing. I have so much appreciation

and respect for their talent


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Chrisette MIchelle, a black woman who is a singer sings the National anthem!

Chrisette Michele

Well, I don’t hear much of

Chrisette Michelle on tv. This is my first

time hearing her sing. She’s a def

jam recording artist and definitely on

jam. She has such a MATURE voice.

I was glad to hear the National

anthem, this song gets me all emotional.

It’s those high notes that especially

do that.

Chrisette MIchele is a black

woman that beauty and voice are way

up there in rank. I’m super impressed

with her. I love that song “National

ANthem” and she takes it over with

such skillful and beautiful singing.

View it here:

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Dominique, The Black woman who took on the song “Nobody Supposed to Be here” and gave a grand performance!

Deborah Cox

    So most people know about the Singer DeborahCox with her high pitch lovely voice. Iespecially love her song “Nobody supposed

to be Here”. It is magnificent. I heard the

remix to the song and its really grand.

                 Now imagine somebody singing that

  high pitch song Nobody Supposed to be

Here. Imagine all the vocal control

one needs to have to sing it very strongly

like this young woman did. Dominique was

auditioning for P.Diddy and sang Nobody

Supposed to be here.

              She was like a vocal teacher on stage

the way she took that song on. SHe got up there and gave

it her all, all her energy and strength.

                  I could just imagine how fast her heart

was beating. But she did it and Didddy

gave her a chance, accepted her onto

the team.I was thinking wow, that is truly

a first rate song.

My source:

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Black Twins doing their thing on youtube-Great Singers!

href=””>Musical Moments in half scale - view 3

SanJuanTrini is the screenname they go under at They are the singing

twins that have such astonishing and incredible voices. They at times sing together but in

other cases they sing separate. They have a really nice accent. Their voices are smooth

like free flowing skating. Their voices are romantic.  Here is one of their videos at this

link- one of the twins is singing “Hard to Say Goodbye” by Chris Brown:

I’m so impressed, they have voices as smooth as sweet as sweet potato pie.

               The twin sings Akon’s song “Don’t Matter” at this link: And also, he sings “Let me

love you” by Mario at this url:

             Those twins sing “You’re my everything” by Dru Hill at this link:            

Those twins could definitely get a standing ovation with the type of singing

they do. If I was a music producer, I would hire them on the spot. I dig their

voices so much. I rate them 100 on a scale of 1-10. They would make

a good addition to the entertainment field. I got to admit, those twins are

just as great as Boyz II men. They take me there when they sing songs

because I can imagine them on stage with billions of fans coming to

see them perform. They got it like that.

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Black Talent: Ciara’s New MOvie Comes out called I want to SIng


Well, Ciara is a great and talented singer.

I just recently found out she has

a new movie coming up. I remember

stars who are singers sometimes don’t

want to be in movies about singing.

But this is her first movie that she’s

in that I know of. The movie is coming

out Spring 2008.

                I cannot,cannot

wait until the Spring the warm weather.

But yeah that’s when it comes out.

As I look at the movie case I see

Lynn Whitfield and Ciara. I say

they look alot of like.

                 I’m so glad to see Lynn Whitfield in this movie, she one of those actors who been

around a long time.

          Here is the url of the article: