The Secret of the Stones, a magic book involving black children who turn back and forth from human to stones!


Photo credit: Anton Vakulenko via / CC BY-SA

I have wanted to write children’s stories for the longest.

I’ve always thought in order to write children’s I have to understand children.

I have to get inside the mind of a child. I know there are three things

important to a story: desire, obstacle, and resolution. These are

just three of the important things in a story. When I read “The Secret

of the Stones” I was truly amazed. Now let me give you a brief

synopsis. “The secret of the stones” is a story about a black

couple having no children.

They stumble upon two stones that

they take back home. These stones turned into a black orphan

boy and black orphan girl. They do all the cleaning and housework

while the black couple is out but disappear when they return.

They were spotted due to a neighbor. Yet, they had to get a

magic charm to make the children reappear briefly. Then,

they finally figure out how to take off the spell permanently,

so that the children never disappear. I love this happy story.

The whole concept of the story takes my mind to another place.

I wish this story was possible in real life. I describe the

story as mysterious. I had so much fun reading this.

The whole perspective is fresh and new. It impressed me

compared to the other children’s books I read but didn’t

get into. I rate this story a 10 out of 10 and it is number 1

out of my top 10.

The story is called “The Secret of the Stones” and it is

retold by Robert. D. San SOuci. The pictures

are by James Ransome. The publisher is Phyllis Fogelman

books and the state of publishing is New York.

Photo credit: Anton Vakulenko via / CC BY-SA

Emmit McHenry founded NetCom Solutions International, an internet domain service provider!

Emmit McHenry

Without the internet, we would be set ages behind. It has
helped us to stay ahead news-wise and weather-wise. I just cannot get enough internet. I thank God for the internet
and the person who created it. I have found people through
the internet and talked to businessmen and women through
the internet about their product and services that I
advertise on my blog. The internet is a convenient networking experience, not a substitute for networking in person, but it’s great to network online.

While we are on the topic on internet, I might as well introduce you to an internet specialist.

Emmit J. MCHenry is titled, the founder, chairman
and CEO of NetCom Solutions International Inc. His company
is Enterprise Magazine’s 10th ranked African American owned

He attended Stewart Elementary School and Booker T. Washington
High School. Just an observation, but the man is very acute. He
has worked in management positions with IBM, Connecticut General, Union Mutal, and AllState Insurance Company.

He served on numerous insurance industry committees and was
founding member of the American Productivty Management
Association. Then was it, that he founded Network Solutions
Inc, which is the internet domain services provider.

In 1995, he founded NetCom Solutions International, a quadruple company with telecommunications, engineering,consulting, and technical services.The company has been honored with awards for excellent service from IBM, Nasa and Lucent Technologies with revenues of $260 million and exceeding 200 employees in Virginia and Oklahoma City.

He goes even further.MCHenry is also the chairman of Visutel,
a broadband telecommunications company. MCHenry is also on the executive committee of the Council on Competitiveness, the
board of directors for NetCom Solutions International, LTD
and chairs the governance committee for the Phelps Stokes

And it continues even further. Emmit McHenry is on the advisory board of DECIS Technology and is the former chairman of the board of LearnCity Inc. MCHenry also served on the Fairfax County Economic Development AUthority, the State of Virginia Economic Development Authority and the board of directors for James Martin Government Intelligence. In addition, he chaired the board of directors of NEtCom Solutions South Africa.

So I definitely am grateful for people like him. I would love
to meet this man. I appreciate his versatility and just had to let the light shine on him. A man like that is worth displaying
and I just had to discuss him. We all know that in order to
succeed like this man, we have to be faithful and committed
to hardwork and success. I’m in awe of such innovativeness.