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Dr. Mark Dean- Black man in IBM who holds more than 20 US Patents


        Mark Dean, born March 2, 1957, is an African American Computer

Scientist from Jefferson City, Tennessee. His grandfather was a high school

principal and his father- a supervisor at the Tennessee Valley

Authority Dam.

             As a young boy, he built and tractor from scratch with

the help of his father. ( See, starting off young learning how to

create things makes it better when you get older.)

Mark was a wonderful athlete as well as a straight A student.

          IN 1979, Dean graduated at the top of his

class at the University of Tennessee through

the university’s Minority Engineering Program.

            His degrees received:

BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Tennessee

MSEE in 1982 from Florida Atlantic University

PH.D in EE from Stanford in 1992

             Dean has been with IBM since 1980 and

received the title IBM Fellow in 1995.

Mark is one of about 50 active fellows of

IBM’s 200,000 employees and the first

African-American to be honored.

             Currently, he is Vice President of

Performance for the RS/6000 Division in

Austin TExas.

            Like, specified in the title, and i’m going to

say this again- Dr. Dean holds MORE THAN 20 US

patents. This includes 3 of IBM”S original nice

PC patnets. In 1997, he was inducted into the

National inventor’s Hall of Fame alone with

the other black members George Washington
Carver and Dr. Percy Julian.

          1999- he was the leader of a team that

built a gigahertz (1000 MHZ) chip that did

a billion calculations per second. Dr Dean

continues to keep going in his computer science,

with a future vision of what improvements his

team inventions can have on the world.

         My comments:

          To be apart of a team like that must

be such an honor, but to be the leader of the

team like that, that tops it all.

            With all those degrees, he was the overachiever

and that’s beyond great. So as you can see, he is

very diligent.

                All this information I present you with comes from:


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