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First African American to be Chief of Police…Floyd Powell


    African American Chief of Police………………Floyd Powell
   Its hard work being a police officer because we all know
the effort it takes to save lives.  All the things they see,
new and repeat situations sometimes from the same people.
But the police go out  and do one of the kindest jobs there is.
Therefore, I prsent to you information on an honorable police
           Floyd Powell was born October 28, 1946 in Crescent, Oklahoma.
His family moved to Wichita Kansaa. Powell went to
Isley Elementary School, then to Roosevelt Middle School.
Next he graduated from Wichita’s East High School
in 1964. Floyd received his degree in police science from
Wichita State University in 1972.
          In 1966, after following 2 years at Friends University
in Wichita, Powell got employed at the Boeing Corporation.
He spent about 21 years with the Wichita Police
Department and became the first African American
to take the role as chief of police.
          Powell was really committed to community
involvement and victim outreach. Floyd has
worked diligently to build bridges between
the police foce and the city’s minority communities.
          He developed special community action teams to
                  work with offers addressing problems in low-
                   income neighborhoods.
      But he took it even farther with his kind heart.
Powell developed a project called The
Teddy Bear Program, which involved
helping young victims of crime. ( That’s
what I call a role model) So he used teddy
bears to help child victims feel better.
        With hard effort he worked to increase
                        minority recruitment for the department. He
                        serves as the Funding Board of Director’s
vice president for the Boys and Girls Club of
South Central Kansas.
All this information can be found at this site:

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