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Quincy Jones is a Black man behind the theme music for Sanford and Son, The Bill Cosby Show and Ironslide!!!!

Heard of Quincy Jones? Well, his list of
acheivements spiral out. It stretches
and goes on. Some of the most famous
recordings he has been responsible for.
He has touched bases with the most
famous and influential people in our
BLack race.

Quincy Jones, a Black man was born on
Chicago’s South Side. HE got his love of music
in elementary school. His passion for music was like
something that
started off as a seed that grew
into a plant. Jones tried all types
of instruments in high school before
really focusing on the trumpet. He and
Ray Charles were side by side
and landed small club and wedding gigs.
They were quite a team.

The 18 year old trumpeter Quincy won
a scholarship to Berklee College of Music.
By 1956, Quincy Jones was a trumpeter
and music director with the Dizzy Gillespie
band. After he came back, he recorded
his first albums as a bandleader for
ABC Paramount Records.

By 1957, Quincy Settled in Paris where he
studied composition with Nadia Boulanger
and Olivier Messiaen.

Mr. Jones was a musical director for Harold Arlen’s
jazz musical Free and Easy. JOnes
then formed his personal big band with
a total of 18 artists and their families.

He worked in New YOrk
as a music director for MErcury
Records. Among his other talents,
he composed the music for the

Quincy wrote the theme music for Ironslide,
Sanford and Son, The Bill Cosby Show. Quincy
was a supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King jr.’s
Operation Breadbasket.Also, QUincy served
on the board of the board of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s
People United to Save Humanity.

Quincy helped for the Institute for Black
American Music. Money from the Institute for
Black AMerican Music were donated to founding
the national library of African American art and music.

In addition, he is one of the founders of the annual
Black Arts Festival in Chicago. By 1973, Quincy
co produced the CBS special television Duke Ellington,We
Love You Mad.

THis program showed off top performers as Sarah Vaughan,
Aretha Franklin, Peggy Lee, Count Basie, and Joe
Williams performing Ellington’s music.

But this man is involved in a long list of acheivements.
QUincy JOnes is a film composer, activist, and tv
producer. From 1969 to 1981, he recorded a series
of Grammy winning albums that are blending sophisticated
jazz with R&B grooves and popular vocalists.

Quincy JOnes produced Michael Jackson’s
album called OFf the Wall. In 1993, Quincy Jones
and David Salzman did the concert. You get all
of this information and more at this site:


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