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Black men playing xylophones-Giving that Island Vibe!

Trinidad babe

Am I on the islands? No, not right now. lol. I wish.

But I sure to do get that island

vibe just listen to these marvelous

and supertalented people playing

xylophones. THey are black Africans

playing the xylophones and giving

so much joy to my ears. I love

that sound in my ears. Music does

stick with you. Videos such as these

let me know I got so much to see

in person. It looks exciting. More and more,

I see that  I have

to figure out the things I’m missing

out on and that’s happening in other

states and countries. I’m so glad

I had the opportunity to find

this lovely video. When I think

of xylophones such as the ones

in this video, I think about the scale

of life (ups and downs of life). This music

has the perfect atmosphere for any place,

but especially the islands Jamaica,

Hawaii with all the fruit trees around.

    See these Black men playing xylophones:




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